Field hockey betting tips for beginners: focus on the game!

Field hockey betting tips

An NFL ice hockey season is 82 games! It is therefore necessary to follow  a particular team when you are a beginner bettor. 82 games in one season allows you to understand the ins and outs of this sport where the twists and turns are frequent, but also to quickly lose your bankroll if the player is poorly prepared. A marathon season does not require winning every game, but simply winning enough to qualify for the playoffs with certainty. Regardless of the league, you have to be wary of teams that are going to be on overdrive. Again, knowledge of the previous season can inform the bettor who is getting into this discipline. The advantage of focusing on a team and a championship is that you have limited information to integrate while discovering with precision the functioning of a franchise or a field hockey team. You have to work and learn the history of this team, look for the rivals, the star players, the hopefuls, the recruits… In short, ice hockey is a collective sport with all the interactions that this can imply, but like other American sports, it is also necessary to bet on individualities that take precedence over the collective. Field hockey betting tips for beginners-

The three types of bets for beginners

Ice hockey is a complex sport to understand, and its betting range is just as unique. Therefore, we advise you to start with simple bets. These types of bets should be mastered regardless of the sport. The OT bet allows you to get into the specifics of the sport, without taking excessive risks.

  • The Simple Bet: Betting on a win or loss depends as much on your knowledge of the game as it does on the odds. Avoid betting on random facts such as the score or the number of goals per quarter.
  • Handicap betting: This is a popular bet for online ice hockey bettors. Field hockey is a sport where the favorites have low odds especially if they are playing at home. Handicap betting allows you to give a team a one goal lead or more. It is a way to even out the odds.
  • Money Line Bet (Ot): In ice hockey games, there are no draws. This is the bet that is very well priced while remaining readable. It’s simple. The bettor has a 50/50 chance of winning.

There are of course all the options like combined bets, livebet… Ice hockey fits perfectly into a classic betting strategy and with a bit of practice even beginner bettors will get the hang of it.

Ice hockey: statistics for good betting

Ice hockey is a sport of statistics. There are so many statistics that it is possible to get lost. To start your betting, we advise you to choose a media championship. If betting on the Magnus League is to choose the proximity, it is also to complicate life, because it is very little media, it is broadcasted in an erratic way on the TV channel L’Équipe. The American League, the NHL, allows for a more regular and accurate follow-up if the bettor speaks English well enough or uses a translator. It’s a major sport over there and bettors can gorge themselves on information and watch all the games in streaming. To start with, the NHL seems the most interesting, as it is also the best rated league by French online bookmakers. We could promote the Ligue Magnus, but you have to be a confirmed bettor, because the information is more scarce.

Which bookmakers to choose for betting on field hockey?

For this discipline, the odds can vary greatly. It is therefore very interesting to open an account with at least two different bookmakers to get the best odds. It is always important to optimize the odds, because in the long run winning 0.10 on the odds can make the difference between a winning and a losing bettor. It is also useful to find out about any promotions that the online bookmaker may run throughout the season on the sport. Sometimes you can find promotions on “American sports”; field hockey is one of them.

To conclude, we are not going to lie to you, betting on field hockey for a beginner remains difficult. We advise you to follow a season without betting in order to get used to this sport and its particularities. It would be a pity to break your teeth by playing too quickly on an unknown sport. Patience is an essential weapon to bet online like a pro – and at the same time, you have to start sometime, so take it easy, but go for it!


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