4 ways to send flowers to far off loved ones

ways to send flowers

When you have family and friends who live a long way away, it can be hard to stay connected, especially when there is a special occasion to celebrate or condolences to pass on. Still, there are ways to keep that connection alive, and sending flowers is one of those ways. There are several ways that to send flowers to far-off places, so depending on your needs, you can choose a service that will see beautiful blooms arriving fresh and perfect to that special person no matter where in the world they are.

In recent years letterbox flowers have become a popular option, either as a monthly subscription or as a one-off delivery, as they allow your flowers to be delivered conveniently straight into your letterbox regardless of whether anyone is home or not. This is especially useful when you have flowers delivered to someone else as you have no way of guaranteeing when they will be home to take delivery. Be aware, though, that flowers sent via this option need to be arranged into a vase by the recipient as they arrive in a flat box.

If you prefer to send a bouquet that can go straight into a vase or is quite sizeable, then having a courier such as reliablecouriers.com collect from a florist local to your intended recipient and have them delivered while the flowers are still fresh. This is a great option if you want to send flowers on a short timescale (many couriers offer same-day delivery), maybe because you’ve forgotten a birthday or just fancy cheering a loved one up on a whim. It’s also useful if you want to send flowers somewhere other than a residential address, such as an office or hospital where sending something by post is inappropriate.

If you can’t find a suitable courier service in the area that you are having flowers delivered to your loved one, try contacting local florists and enquiring after their own delivery service. Doing this allows the blooms to arrive in the freshest condition as they will be arranged and promptly delivered by the company who have local knowledge (so there should be no getting lost!). Doing this has the bonus of paying for your floral gift, and delivery cost all in one go allows you to easily keep track of how much you are spending, rather than splitting the cost across two companies, which can become expensive with exchange fees if you’re sending internationally.

Suppose you know someone else where your recipient lives. In that case, you could arrange for them to provide that personal touch that you cannot personally deliver flowers yourself by having them pick up and deliver a beautiful bouquet on your behalf. Plenty of florists will take orders by phone or internet so you can order and pay yourself, meaning that all your stand-in delivery person has to do is just that, deliver your floral gift to your friend or family member. You might make two people’s day.



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