5 Tricks To Maximize WFH Productivity In 2021 & Beyond

Maximize WFH Productivity

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, WFH is a reality you have to live with for the foreseeable future. Some companies plan to embrace it for the long haul, while others have taken a hybrid approach. Either way, remote work will continue in 2021 and beyond. But the challenges still prevail, and WFH productivity is the biggest concern even after more than a year of practice. Distractions, tech glitches, and low motivation levels can keep your productivity levels from being consistent. Fortunately, there are ways to retain and maximize WFH productivity. Let us share some tried-and-tested tricks you can rely on. 

Dress up for work

Working from home gets you in a comfort zone, and working in your track pants feels good. But most people see the habit as a productivity killer. The best thing to do is dress up for work so that you can get the real feel of going to the office. Looking presentable is even more important for entrepreneurs who have to give virtual presentations, attend video calls, or step out to meet clients. Dress up in office attire, and you will feel the difference.

Have a dedicated workspace

If you have managed to work from your bed or living room couch until now, it is time to invest in a dedicated home office. It makes sense if you have WFH plans for the long haul. A good posture and zero-distraction environment can make you far more productive than you imagine. Pick a quiet corner and revamp it into a small office. Make it presentable and positive. Who knows, you may even have clients over for your new startup! 

Give attention to your devices

Your work devices also determine your productivity levels, so make sure you have the best ones. Mac is great for WFH because it promises high performance with fewer glitches, but it is your responsibility to keep it clutter-free. Follow the rule of regular decluttering, and check some more tips to optimize its storage. Ensure that your tablet and mobile are optimized as well. It is best to have dedicated work devices as they keep personal distractions at bay.

Get ahead with tech basics

Quality technology is a non-negotiable investment if you want to be productive with WFH. You can imagine how challenging things can get when you do not have a stable internet connection. Invest in a competent router and pick the best internet service you can rely on. Do not forget productivity tools and apps because they will keep you giving your best by tracking your tasks and timelines. Brushing up on your tech skills is another good idea to keep going.

Go the extra mile with self-care

Achieving high levels of WFH productivity is also about investing in self-care. Not surprisingly, work-life balance is poor for entrepreneurs, and working remotely makes it even worse. Maintaining consistent working hours can take you a long way. Getting enough sleep and exercise also keeps you productive. A healthy diet is equally important, and make sure that you do not overdo your caffeine.

Being productive during an extended WFH stint is challenging, but you can still reach your goals. Just follow these simple tricks, and you will not have to struggle with your productivity and performance



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