10 Common Prejudices about Designer Jewelry

Prejudices about Designer Jewelry

Buying jewelry for the first time can feel like an unsure decision. There are so many designer brands on the market now. It has become nearly impossible to truly know what is designer and what isn’t. This is especially the case when you purchase online. Dishonest jewelers and fake jewels have also led to several prejudices about designer jewelry. While many of these began long ago from ancient traditions, some of them have come as a result of a lack of knowledge. Let us have a look at the 10 most common prejudices about designer items that you need to know:

Designer Jewelry Is Overrated

For most people, getting that custom jewelry piece feels like draining out your entire savings. This is just to get something that is probably overrated. Sure, it is true that if you buy a fake designer item at the exact price as the original limited edition, you’ll feel ripped off. However, such items are truly worth the cost if you get the original pieces that are not mere imitations.  They have precision and a unique style sense. Also, they come from the highest quality materials. Precious stones, gems, and metals are quite expensive. And that’s why these pieces of jewelry usually have high prices.

Designer Brands Are Only For the Successful People

When it comes to jewelry, everyone has their own theories and beliefs. Some people view anything designer as a sign of success. To them, the perfect life means designer shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry, and any other thing “designer”. Well, this may be true with celebrities who use designer items to create an illusion of success. On the flip side, they only compliment your look very well to make you stand out.

It Links with Slavery

It is a fact that designer pieces, be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and so on, come from the finest materials you can find. For decades, precious material found in such items has always been linked with slavery. These include gold, diamond, and precious stones from all over the world. Some mines subjected vulnerable groups to forced labor in the process. And that’s where the association of designer jewelry with human right violation came from.

Women Are the Only Wearers of Jewelry

All through history, the objectification of women has led many to believe that women are the only wearers of jewelry. Advertisers and publicists often use the visual appeal of women as a means of passing across their message. It is on this premise that designer brands always make most jewelry for women and use women to advertise them. This has led to the widespread misconception that only women wear such items. Yet men too can don jewelry.

Designer Items Are For Only One Body Type

Over time, the ideal preference of an attractive woman has shifted from chubby and plump to slim models. The same body type portrays that designer items are just for such bodies and not plus-size ones. This leads to the prejudice that the jewelry looks better on slim bodies, rather than those of other body types. 

Designer Brands Profit Off Inequality

While it is normal for designer items to be expensive, many think that the pricing promotes inequality. And that the designer items are jewelry for the privileged. The fact that the have-nots in society simply cannot afford such pieces makes it seem like designer brands profit from this inequality. However, because of the quality material and the design process, designer items will definitely be costly.

Cartels Control the Business

Going by the fact that designer pieces cost a fortune, it is quite easy to assume that such a business has cartels. While it is true that shady dealers use the jewelry business as a front for their criminal deals, it’s not always the case. There are honest people running the jewelry business; just that they have enough money to run it.

There Is No Big Difference between Designer Brands and Other Commercial Brands

Uniqueness is the catch with designer items. Each piece has its own story or motivation behind it. And so the result is an item that stands out from the rest. However, not all people understand this. They cannot tell the difference and assume that designer and commercial items are all the same.

Designer Jewelry Is Old

Because many jewelry pieces have been around for a long time, one could assume that they are old. This is not true. You can never have enough diamonds, pearls, or gold. In fact, as opposed to commercially produced jewelry that goes out of fashion, designer pieces are timeless.

They Are Hard To Find

Perhaps the exclusive nature of designer items raises the belief that they are not for everyone. The high costs, unique styles, and limited editions make it appear that such pieces are hard to find. But this is not the case. There are so many companies and designers in the jewelry business who supply both handcrafted and mass-produced designer pieces enough for the market.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of prejudices surrounding jewelry, especially the designer types. While some of these fears may be true, they shouldn’t stop you from enjoying what designers have to offer. The jewelry world may be tough for you to navigate through. However, with the common prejudices explained, you will find it easier to understand this industry.


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