Should You Give Your Dog CBD Every Day?

Give Your Dog CBD

Many old dogs tend to suffer from arthritis, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. These are bound to make your pet feel very uncomfortable. 

CBD products are becoming popular to treat dogs for these symptoms. However, some pet owners remain hesitant to use this compound because they are unsure if the daily use of CBD oil dog anxiety or other conditions is helpful.  

While taking a break from CBD may be beneficial in certain circumstances, you should continue giving your dog a daily dose for several reasons.

Understanding How CBD Works 

When you give your dog a daily dose of oil containing cannabidiol (CBD), it allows them some relief from symptoms such as pain and inflammation. That’s because cannabinoids attach to specific receptors in their bodies to regulate different physiological processes. 

This is also one reason why giving your dog a daily dose is beneficial.  By continuing to give your dog CBD oil daily, you can get their body acclimatized to the cannabinoids in their system. As a result, they will be able to experience the greatest possible relief from symptoms.

Taking a Break from CBD 

Cannabinoids, when administered regularly to your pet over an extended period, help regulate physiological processes in many ways.  When you stop administering CBD later, your dog’s body may be able to compensate and regulate these processes without the need for cannabinoids. 

This is part of the reason why there are so many success stories from pet owners who only give their dogs CBD when they experience symptoms such as pain or anxiety.

When you stop giving your dog a daily dose of CBD oil, it is essential to consider all factors involved, including: 

1) How long have you been giving your dog CBD?

2) What dosage were you giving your dog when you started? 

3) Have any other changes occurred in your home that can affect how your dog experiences symptoms? 

4) Do you know what symptoms are currently affecting them?

5)  Do they happen to be experiencing any new or different stressors in their life?

Talk to a Vet

Since every dog is different, consult your vet before stopping your dog’s daily CBD dose.  If you decide to take a break, make sure to allow time for your pet’s system to adjust before starting again. 

This may mean remaining on the same dosage for several months until their body again needs cannabinoids to regulate specific processes. Only start giving them CBD oil again when they need it (i.e., when they are experiencing symptoms).

Understanding Dosage 

As CBD is only one of the cannabinoids found in marijuana, giving your dog a daily dose that contains more than just cannabidiol is essential. The majority of pet parents choose products containing little to no THC.  

The dosage of CBD oil for your dog will also vary according to its body weight and the severity of symptoms. For example, if you give your dog a product containing 1mg per pound (or 2.2lbs), then an 80lb dog should receive 160 mg per day.

Understanding Weight and Cannabis 

Pet parents often wonder how much CBD they should give their dog if it weighs less than 80 pounds but suffers from the same debilitating symptoms. You should not give your pet more CBD simply because they weigh less than an average-sized dog.  Each 10lb range is equal to 1mg per pound, so if your dog weighs 20lbs, give it 2mg of CBD oil each day.

Like people, dogs can be of different shapes and sizes; if they weigh less than average but still experience severe pain or anxiety symptoms, they may need more CBD than a larger dog.  If you have a large breed or even a smaller breed with severe symptoms, you should give them more CBD oil.


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