How Tall Is Piper Rockelle?

How Tall Is Piper Rockelle?

Who does not know about Piper Rockelle? At such an early age, this girl has caught the attention of social media by becoming a famous YouTuber conquering new worlds in the industry. Let’s acquaint you all with some mesmerizing and astounding details about her, which you couldn’t even have possibly imagined. This will include details about how tall Piper Rockelle, her boyfriend, and the hot topic of where her father is.

Who is Piper Rockelle?

Coming from America, Piper Rockelle is a show-turner in the YouTube industry. Her content spans a range of funny videos that she uploads to her YouTube channel.

Will you be surprised to know her subscribers have crossed millions? Such is the fantastic feed that she provides to her viewers.

Singing, dancing, being a fitness freak, a gymnast, and a magnificent social media influencer all come under one package when the name Piper Rockelle pops up in your mind.

Her outstanding works are Mani, Chicken Girls, and Dark Eyes, produced between 2017 and 2019. She even featured in series like TinaQ’s Celebrity Interviews held in 2018, Adventures with Blue and MJ in 2020, in shorts like Sitting in the 80s in 2019, and Jam Jr in 2019.

When is Piper Rockelle’s birthday?

We talked so much about her height, weight, past times, net worth, and passion, but when is her birthday? We know he is a 13-year-old celebrity. That sets her birth year to 2007. Her birth date is no surprise to you anymore. It is August 21, 2007. Imagine just when she was a kid of 9 years she got invited to a TikTok event in Los Angeles in 2016.gry hazardowe 777

How tall is Piper Rockelle?

How tall is Piper Rockelle? For a thirteen years old girl, she is pretty well built. She is four feet eleven inches in height. If you want to know her height in centimeters, then it is 150 centimeters. Her weight is around 42 kg, and she has brown hair with light brown eyes.

Piper Rockelle’s family

Details about Piper Rockelle’s mother

Piper Rockelle’s mother had been a great inspiration to her, and she raised her somewhat alone. Her father left her mother because apparently, he was not ready to have a baby then.

Piper Rockelle loves to spend her time with her and also her school friends. Some of her style statements in social media are even borrowed from her mother.

Tiffany is a beautiful person. She is a pet lover. It seems that Piper has got the right genes. Tiffany had rescued several homeless cats.

Raising two sons and a daughter all by herself, being a single parent wasn’t elementary. But she fought back and had supported her children with all she had and always had their back. She has quite pleasant features with a warm face and heart and long brown hair.

Details about Piper Rockelle’s brother

She has a brother who is elder to her. His name is Hunter Ray Hill. By profession, he is a director, a cinematographer, and a social media starter.

Both of them are excellent friends despite the age difference. Ray Hill was on November 21, 1996. Both of them share the same birth date coincidentally.

They have many pictures in the social media account, which eloquently speaks of the cute brother-sister relationship.

Unlike Piper, who was born in Georgia, Wyoming was the birthplace of Ray Hill. He attended school and did a dull job in his initial years. But then he started his online career with some funny comedian videos. After that, he didn’t have to look back.

What began as a mere relaxation venture earned him fame later. Now she has around one million subscribers. He has his sister as his real partner in crime and a constant collaborator.

Details about Piper Rockelle’s dad

There is a tremendous uproar regarding Piper Rockelle dad. Her dad typically never featured in her family pictures.

Apparently, he wasn’t ready yet for child-rearing. So, he left Tiffany when she was pregnant with Piper.

Her mother is a very enigmatic person whose name is Tiffany. She was the one who noticed the creative potential of her daughter and enrolled her in dance at a very early age.

Piper got training mainly in Pop. However, despite the steady absence of her father, Piper knows that he had once dreamt of being a singer. Hence, she is proud of being a singer herself and lives her father’s dreams.

Details about Piper Rockelle’s boyfriend

One thing that can not cross your mind is who Piper Rockelle boyfriend is. You will bang your head around corners to find the person who has managed to get hold of the heart of Rockelle. A girl is the center of attraction to her 8 million subscribers. Please don’t tire yourself when the detail is here.

In 2019 she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Gavin Magnus. He was also a YouTube star, and popular social media figure, and an actor and dancer. There was also a rumor that she had dated Walker Bryant in 2019. However, she is currently in a dating relationship with Lev Cameron Khmelev. Khmelev is a dancer by profession.

Career titbits of Piper Rockelle

Did you know she even participated in several beauty pageants? Only after that did she choose to become a social media influencer.

Her recent YouTube channel is Piper Rockelle Smith. You will be taken aback by her acting skills. Moreover, her sweet voice will keep you mesmerized if you listen to her singing.

Apart from all this, she enjoys being a full-time school student whenever she isn’t invested in social media. Assignments don’t only bore you; it seems to have the same function for as famous a person as Rockelle.

Piper Rockelle started her career as a TikTok performer as early an age as seven years. It was solely purposed for fun, though. However, later she took her talent to the world and earned around 8 million subscribers.

In fact, in her modeling career, she even appeared in several famous brands. What more do you want in your 13 years or, for that matter, 50/60 years of life than seeing your face on giant billboards in your city?

Rockelle even uploads many of her dance lessons and DIY videos. One of the most popular dance videos is named “Piper Rockelle creates fluffy slime.” It has around 30,000 views, in fact, even more than that.

There were around 12,400 views for her video going by “Learn to dance with Piper.” TikTok has featured her more than fifteen times, and she was even invited as a guest star in an event in Los Angeles, her birthplace on November 5, 2016.

Please don’t fall off your chair after hearing her net worth is. It is around 2 million US dollars!

Piperazzi: A show named after Rockelle

You will even find a reality show which runs after her name called Piperazzi. The show is all about the adventure of the star in Hollywood and showcases her journey in that show.

When this show premiered, the cast of the show appeared for an interview in Famous Birthdays. Some of the Guest Stars were Danielle Cohn, Matt Sato, Miranda Wilking, Riley Lewis, etc.

Tune in and read everything about her if you want to know how tall Piper Rockelle is and know more about her bio, age, boyfriend, and net worth.

Piper Rockelle General Information

  • Name – Piper Rockell
  • Her nickname – Piper
  • Birthdate- 21.08.07
  • Star sign- Leo
  • Rockelle’s Nationality- American
  • Manager of Rockelle – Matt Dugan
  • Genre- Dance, Music
  • Build- Slim
  • How tall is Piper Rockelle – 4 feet 11 inches
  • Weight- 42 kg
  • Current boyfriend- Lev Cameron Khmelev
  • Race- White
  • Eye color- Hazel
  • Color of hair- Light Brown
  • The Brand endorsements- Txunamy, Fashion Nova, Moose Toys, Mattel, and Victoria’s Secret Pink
  • Rockelle’s best singing show- It’s Christmas
  • Web Series- Piperazzi, Mani Chicken Eyes, Sitting in the 80s, etc.
  • Web show in which she appeared first- Mani
  • Best brand of candy- Trolli
  • Best flavor of Candy- Sour Brite Eggs
  • Favorite Television show- Family Guy and The Walking Dead
  • Her most famous Disney princess character- Cinderella.

Interesting facts about Piper Rockelle

  • Rockelle has a turtle whose name is Squirt.
  • She, along with her mother, rescued several homeless animals, especially cats.
  • She also has a dog of the pug breed, which is named Frank.
  • Going on hikes is something that Piper seems to enjoy a lot. This adventure sport is one of her favorite past times. Being a fitness freak, this is just a cup of tea for her.
  • She is reported to have lost her teeth when she made a YouTube video in 2018. In the same year, she even started to learn Skateboarding. She loves going on rounds on skateboards.
  • Being a fabulous gymnast, she can perform at least five aerials at a time.
  • Piper has a liking for birds. It seems that this child prodigy is very close to nature and her fellow species-mates.

Piper Rockelle favorites

Who doesn’t want to know about the favorites of one’s very own favorite!

If you are a pet lover, then Piper Rockelle is your soulmate. She even has a cat and has posted several pictures of the duo in her Instagram account.

Robert Pattinson tops her list of favorite actors. If you get lost in the dreamy yet intelligent eyes of Pattinson, hold Rockelle’s virtual hands and accompany her on the journey.

She follows Jojo Siwa incredibly. She is a big fan. Her closet is studded with bows like Jojo. However, publicly she is in denial of the fact that she is a Jojo Siwa tribe member.

Las Vegas is her favorite holiday destination. She hails from the core of Hollywood, Los Angeles, and her favorite place to spend time is in Las Vegas.

All the world’s starshine and light are all around her. Continental cuisine is her favorite cuisine, and she loves listening to bands like Capezio, Maddie Style, and Clean & Clear. It seems like her past time is all set in the exquisite luxuries of American pop life.

How Tall Is Piper Rockelle?

Final Thoughts

This child prodigy is living the life of our dreams. All credit goes to her and her family, especially her mother, who has brought her up and recognized her talents at the right time.

From knowing how tall is Piper Rockelle to knowing all personal details about her, you now know it all. You can find her work on Instagram and YouTube.

Hurry and check out her latest videos!


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