10 Things to Know When Shipping a Car

Shipping a Car

Shipping a car can be one of the most stressful experiences in your life, but it doesn’t have to be! In this article, you will find out ten things you should know when shipping your vehicle. By taking some time to do these simple steps, you will have peace of mind and save yourself a lot of aggravation when shipping a car.

1. Get Quotes and Get More Information!

Before you decide on a company to use, you should get the most competitive quotes. By getting several quotes, you will find a reputable company that is aware of your time constraints. If you are shipping your car long distances, you should get cost to ship car across country from several companies that will not only give you a good deal but also have up to date information on the company and the vehicle. You may also want to check how much time they need to get your car ready to ship. Here is popular car transport services.

2. Ensure Your Car Is Safe When Being Shipped

There are many ways that a vehicle can be damaged during the shipping process. You should make sure that the company you choose has experience in shipping and is aware of all issues that may happen during the shipping process. Most car shipping companies have the necessary equipment to get your car from point A to point B. Regardless of how nice or new your car is, it will be damaged in some way if you do not know what to look for and how best to protect it.

3. Learn How Shipping Works.

You need to understand how shipping works before hiring a company to transport your vehicle. By learning more about how the shipping process works, you can prepare yourself for anything. Knowing how to prepare for and handle potential issues will help prepare you for any problems during the trip.

4. Get a Great Tracking System.

When you have your vehicle shipped, you should get a tracking system so you can track where your car is at all times. By getting this type of system, you will know when your car will be at the specified destination. You can be aware of how the car is moving at all times, allowing you to see how well your vehicle is being cared for.

5. Oil Changes

During the shipping process, your car will need to be regularly checked for any engine concerns. Many companies even give you an oil change coupon or discounts to help you out during this time. You should take advantage of this offer if it is given.

6. Undercarriage Cleaning

Before the shipping company picks up your vehicle, they will clean the undercarriage. This is a perfect thing. This is where all the dirt and grease sit. If this area is not cleaned, the car will be tough to clean after it arrives at your destination.

7. The Valuation Process

The valuation process is elementary and fairly similar from company to company. There are two main ways that your vehicle can be valued: either by a professional grader or by using a pricing guide online. In both cases, the valuator will check the condition of your vehicle’s body, engine, and interior. If you have upgraded or custom features, it may increase or decrease the value at pick up.

8. The Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is an important document that you should check before your car is picked up. This is the document that outlines the terms and conditions of the shipment. If you have any questions about it, you should ask to speak to a manager about it. Ask to see a copy of the bill of lading, and if you do not understand something, ask for an explanation.

9. Undercarriage Storage

You need to have your vehicle stored in a place that is safe and secure. It is strongly recommended that it be placed on a concrete floor. If you cannot do this, then put blocks under the car to not move. Any surface will work just as well. If you need to store the car for more than a few weeks, you need to ask about storage options.

10. Handling Instructions

The shipping company will have to handle your vehicle, so make sure they are well versed in handling cars. They need to understand your vehicle and take it properly care of. This means that they should be friendly and courteous when doing this task. If you have any questions about the handling process, you should ask them at this time.


By following these tips, you will have a much smoother experience with the car shipping services than if you did nothing at all. By knowing all this, you will be ready for any situation that may arise in the future.


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