5 Options If You Don’t Have a Garage But Need One


While many homes have garages, carports, or other structures for cars, trailers, or other stuff, some don’t. An American Housing survey, for example, shows that only eight in 10 owned homes and condos in the U.S. come with garages or carports. 

What are your options if you’re one of the two in 10 residence owners with no dedicated space to park your car? Whether you don’t have a garage or need more space, consider these five options.

  1. Garage

Building a stand-alone garage is one option. If you don’t have one, a garage can be a game-changer. But if you have one that’s already filled with stuff, you might want to build a stand-alone structure specifically to store your cars out of the elements. You’ll need enough square footage to do so, though, so a garage might be overkill if you have insufficient land space.

  1. Solar Carport

Traditional carports are functional structures for storing cars, trailers, and more. But solar carports add next-level functionality since you can use them to generate power for household use. Generating energy while protecting your vehicles from the elements is a win-win. 

You can add another “win” to the equation if you drive an electric vehicle, according to Jen Helms, co-owner and director of business operation at Shade Power, a company specializing in solar shade structures for residential and business customers. 

“Our solar carports can easily be equipped with value-added features like EV chargers, outlets, and lighting,” says Helms, who says her company’s solar power structures are installed onsite by trained installers. “In addition to being aesthetically pleasing structures built with heartwood redwood that has decay-resistant properties, our solar power structures come with energy efficient panels that boost solar production per square foot.”

  1. Car Shed

Another option is a car shed. You can build one or buy one and then set it up. It won’t have the aesthetic appeal or versatility of a solar carport. But it can do the job if you want a simple solution for your vehicle parking needs. You can get one made of metal or plastic in whatever size configuration meets your purposes.

  1. Car Cover

The cheapest option could do the trick. But it’s neither elegant nor pleasing to the eye. In fact, it might be an eyesore on your property. That said, if you’re focused on costs, first and foremost, consider a car cover. You’ll have to deal with the hassle of repeatedly putting it on and removing it, but a car cover can protect your vehicle from the elements if you lack a garage.

It might also attract unwanted attention if a car on your driveway has a car cover on it. You’ll find that a car cover is a better option for vehicles already parked in a garage since it can reduce dust or dirt accumulation.

  1. Canopy

Yet another option for a parking space is a canopy. You’ve likely seen canopies used to accommodate guests at outdoor gatherings or events such as weddings, picnics, or camping trips. But they can also be suitable for protecting vehicles. 

Of course, they won’t be great for four-season protection since wind, ice, or snow can compromise their structural integrity. That said, a canopy can meet your needs most of the year. 

These are five options to consider if you need somewhere to park your car and either don’t have a garage or don’t have space in your garage. Depending on budget and requirements, you can find the right option for your property. Doing so will make your car parking issues a thing of the past.


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