How to Organise your Perfect Honeymoon in 4 steps


Organising your wedding is stressful as it is, but don’t forget about your honeymoon. You know, that time after the wedding where you and your now husband/wife will get some well deserved rest. When thinking about a honeymoon, most people think of the rose petals on the bed, breakfast in bed, laying on a beach and of course, sipping champagne on arrival. But this has to be organised, and how are you going to do such a thing? We have 4 steps in which you can organise a perfect honeymoon. 

1. Think of a budget

The first question you need to ask yourself is how much money you going to spend on your honeymoon. We get that a wedding already costs thousands of dollars, so spending an awful lot of money is not the best idea. However, you can ask your guests to gift you money for the ‘honeymoon cause’ at your wedding instead of gifts. In this case, your honeymoon will feel like a free holiday. How great is that?

2. How many days or weeks

So, how many weeks or days are you going to plan your honeymoon for? While some only want to go for seven days, others want to go for over a month. We get that it’s not that easy for everyone to get that many free days off of work. But when you can, make most of it!

3. Honeymoon Destination

Ask yourself the last question: where do you want to go on your honeymoon. Of course, you can choose an idyllic place near a beach where you’ll be drinking out of coconuts and eating fresh fruit every other hour. Just because you can. And after a fantastic lazy day of tanning, you go back to the hotel and dip into your Lay Z Spa, where you’ll be spending the rest of your night gazing at the stars. And when you come home, the first thing you do is buy a jacuzzi for 6 people (Dutch: jacuzzi 6 personen). Because you want to relive those amazing nights from your honeymoon. But on the other hand, you can choose for an adventurous honeymoon. Go rock climbing, bungee jumping and mountain biking if that’s your thing. The most important factor of choosing the destination for a honeymoon is to pick a place that represents your love. 

4.  A travel agent

You’ve gathered all the information. Where you want to go, for how long and what you want to do. But mixing it all together can be quite difficult. That’s why we suggest hiring a travel agent who specialises in honeymoons. We’re sure they could easily find the perfect place for you to go on your honeymoon. Besides, you already have enough wedding stress.

Are you ready to organise your honeymoon? We’re sure that with these steps you’ll have the perfect honeymoon.


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