Floral Arrangements for Weddings:Tips for Long-Lasting Arrangements

Floral Arrangements for Weddings

Weddings are synonymous with flowers. However, the plants differ in service life. As a planner or a venue hosting such events, it is vital to select long lasting flowers. The initiative is beneficial to your venture’s finances and the environment. You do not want to lose your money on flowers that wither within days of using them or having to dispose of dead flowers every time you plan for a wedding. On the other hand, apart from finding the perfect flower for a wedding, it is crucial to consider long lasting floral arrangements for weddings. Below are tips to help you in achieving this;

Choosing your Long Lasting Floral Arrangement 

The traits of flowers will determine their use. Some indicate affection towards a person, while others are for consolation after a tragic event. On the other hand, characteristics like withering are significant when arranging the flowers. Group the flowers depending on the rate they deteriorate to make the arrangement last longer.

Avoid exposing them to Direct Sunlight

Everyone wants to display flowers in an open space where every person can see them. However, it can be a challenge as direct sunlight affects the longevity of flowers. Therefore, arranging flowers along the windows where they experience direct sunlight is not advisable. You can consider the long lasting flowers in a box to limit the exposure.

Limit the aging plants

Whenever flowers age, they wither and emit gases in the process. The emissions can harm fresh flowers causing them to degrade. Ensure to remove aging flowers as soon as you detect them to limit the damage on other plants.


Flower stems take in and distribute water when cut and put in a vase. It is vital to condition the plant by cutting the stems to ensure it takes in enough water to keep the flowers fresh for longer. The procedure helps in regulating air circulation. 

The Placement

For the best arrangement for long lasting flowers is in a vase. However, the wrong placement of the flower in a vase can distort the display. It is advisable to have the stem inside a jar three-quarter way, ensuring the flower stays in the correct position for proper arrangement. 

Water the Flowers and Treat them as required

When buying flowers, it is critical to get them in the right conditions as soon as possible. Do not purchase the flowers in the morning, then run errands the whole day. A flowering plant will last longer if you keep them hydrated as necessary. Ensure to add the preservation chemicals if you want to prolong their life.


Being simple does not mean letting go of what you want for floral arrangements. It is about avoiding overdoing the structure and making it look like a cliché.  You can check out the different designs on arranging flowers to get an idea of standard setups. Ensure you get help from a store if you do not know what you are looking for.


Consider the long lasting flowers in a box for interior decorations and ceremonies. The above tips will help you have the best floral arrangement.  


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