5 Things To Consider Before You Choose Your Personal Trainer


First, congratulate yourself on your decision to get in shape. The fitness journey in front of you will be an exciting one with many great benefits. But have you decided to do it alone or have someone to help you get through the whole process? Consider these things before you choose your personal trainer.

If you believe that having a professional by your side is better, you are right. This is the best path for all the newcomers that still have to learn the ropes. You should find a good personal trainer for the best possible results, but what should you look for in a personal trainer?

Take a look at various things that you need to consider before making the final decision and actually hiring a personal trainer.

Certifications and qualifications

Professionals in this field and other athletes that work in gyms are required to have a certification.

Some have a degree in physical education while others combine their sports career with a course or a vocational degree in the relevant field. Either way, you should always ask for a trainer’s background before you decide to spend money.

A personal trainer should be able to provide a fitness certification in their area of expertise. Every fitness professional out there had to go through a process and pass state-approved exams.

Additionally, it is worth checking if the person is insured. Check for personal trainer insurance as every responsible professional in this field has an insurance plan that covers both their and their client’s end.

There is a range of accidents that can happen in a gym. So, keep in mind that serious trainers also invest in public liability insurance specifically designed for their profession.


There is a saying as old as time – practice makes perfect.

And in the world of fitness, practice really makes perfect. Therefore, look for a trainer who has been around for some time. If you can’t find a trainer with extensive experience, at least check their credentials or sports career (many ex-athletes later become personal trainers).

An experienced trainer will know what they need to do to get the best out of you and your workout sessions. So, cut a deal with a trainer who has some experience. If such a trainer is difficult to find, at least check the background thoroughly before you splash out.


A great professional will never shy away from giving you proof of other happy clients they work with. They will also gladly put you in touch with them.

On the other hand, if you see that they are hesitating that is a red flag. Get to know their previous clients or at least try to find their transformations to see if your potential trainer is any good.

Good personal trainers not only look great, but they also have photos of their previous clients and their positive transformations. Also, if you can, ask their previous client to share their experiences about the trainer with you.


Let’s say that you have found the perfect candidate. You see the right credentials, you see that they are experienced, and it looks like you both have a good potential to make progress.

But you just can’t agree on a time. The trainer either has no free slots to accommodate you in your preferred time or you seem too busy for their schedule.

Unfortunately, this happens a lot, so look for a trainer that can accommodate your schedule. Remember, no workout is the worst workout.

No matter how great the candidate is, if they can’t agree on a time slot every few days, they are no good for you.


When you have a personal trainer, you aren’t just adding new exercises and features to your workouts, you actually motivate yourself to do better.

A professional in this field is still a person. This means that you work and communicate with them on a regular basis and you’ll spend considerable amounts of time with them.

This person has to gain your trust and also follow your goals and needs. Simply put, with a personal trainer, you have to establish a certain level of honesty.

So, check if that person is compatible with your personality and your character. Listen to your gut feelings and trust the first impression they make.

Final thoughts

The most difficult part was to decide that you need to start exercising. This part, however, will dictate what kind of experience you are about to have. 

Last but not least, your trainer should be interested in helping you. They should genuinely be interested in your goals and your fitness. Manage to find an individual that meets these requirements and you will achieve great results.


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