Things To Know About Spray In Bedliner

Things To Know About Spray In Bedliner

Many people who love driving trucks often ask whether it is better to get a spray-in or drop-in on their bed liner. Many people on forums are constantly arguing which option is better. This article is going to be talked over some of the pros and cons of spray-ins and drop-ins in Bedliner.

Based on the information you will see in this article. Hopefully, the information will be just enough to make a final decision regarding which option suits your needs best.

The name spray-in bed liner defines what it does by the name; it sprays in the material. The whole process is done usually in a paint booth by an operator who often as a tool for spraying uses a spraying gun.

Some people know this by spray-on, while others know it as spray-in, but it does not matter; after all, it is the same exact thing. Spray-in bed liners are basically what some people may prefer as a thick painted coating of materials such as one-hundred percent polyurea, polyurethane, or in some instances, it can be a hybrid mix of both.

This makeup usually varies from company to company, as it depends on where their location is. In some scenarios, even the same company uses different makeup even though they are the same franchise.

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Essential things you need to know

The first question that many people ask themselves is whether the Bedliner has an aromatic or aliphatic coating. Many people do not know this, but spray-in coating often tends to harden after some time when exposed to the atmosphere. This stands for materials such as polyurethane.

Now, there is an addition to coatings, as some of them are known as aliphatic, while others as aromatic. Aliphatic compounds are made for maintaining the pigment, or some people know as the color, much better than aromatic compounds.

This means that usually, aliphatic compounds will not fade away as quickly as an aromatic compound would. Now, you might think, well, why would people go for aromatic compounds when aliphatic is much better?

The answer is there are downsides to every option for sure. To this specific coating, aliphatic compounds are more expensive, and they are not affordable to everyone. Suppose you ask anyone working in this business. In that case, they will advise you to go with the aliphatic coating. Still, they will tell you it is rather expensive than the aromatic one.

You can always go for aromatic spray-in bed liners. Still, you should know that they usually tend to fade away quickly rather than the other option. But it all comes down to your needs and what results in you expect from every coating.

The other question that many people often wonder is what the preparation process for each specific vehicle is? While many people know what spray-in does, it is all about paint. So, an essential factor of the whole process is, of course, the surface of the vehicle.

The whole process needs to be done thoroughly, and it needs to be done with patience. Otherwise, if the job is done in a hurry, or the whole process is done by amateurs, after a while, the truth will come out on the surface for sure.

It will come in the form of peeling and chipping of the sprayed material on the bed liners. A few things need to be followed when preparing a vehicle for spray-in bed liners, such as cleaning the surface, removing the truck’s bed back to the origins, such as bare or primer metal. This can usually be done with a sander or with a grinder.

Other things that should be done are masking any surface that is not supposed to be covered with the spray-in bed liner. This is crucial, as some people overspray the vehicle. It is a challenging task to remove any additional paint on the vehicle.

And last but not least, you should keep a reasonable distance between the car that is being sprayed and the ones that do not. This is very important when the job is not done in a paint booth, so you should take this into account.

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Pros and cons

Pros and cons

When you decide to go with this option, be sure to ask where the paint booth is or where the installation process happens. You can learn many things about the company that is doing the whole process on your vehicle; thus, learn about how they do it, what kind of equipment they are using, and make sure they are following procedures.

Workers need to be organized, and you will most likely notice what the environment is at their company. For high-quality results, the workers need to the job with high-quality for sure.

However, there are many pros and cons to this option, and you should know each side of the story before deciding what you want to do with your vehicle.

The pros for spray-in bed liners are that once professionals have applied spray-in bed liners, they look perfect and professional if applied correctly. Spray-in bed liners can be applied anywhere you want as long as the area you want to be covered is prepared well enough. This means that you can use it wherever part of your vehicle you want, as long as it is prepared thoroughly.

A very cool thing about this is the texture. People have reported that it helps a lot when moving cargo in your Bedliner because it prevents the cargo from moving at all. This is very crucial when hauling cargo.

The cons are you cannot remove the spray-in once you have applied it. So, basically, once you put it, there is no turning back. It does lack protection when it comes to dents. After all, it is still painted. Operators that work in this field need to be professionally trained. If they are not qualified enough, something could go wrong.

Lastly, it can get expensive for sure, and there are some troubles when it comes to warranties.


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