Carpet Cleaning: How to Do It Perfectly

Carpet Cleaning perfectly

Pets, spills and abuse from shoes can take a toll on your carpet. Carpet cleaning Bolton practices take time and dedication. Deep cleaning, vacuuming and stain removal will help your carpet maintain a clean new look. It is no secret that carpets add an alluring look to your home. It is therefore imperative that you employ the proper methods to maintain the charm. With the right products, cleaning carpets is easy. Most homeowners are put off by the work involved in moving the upholstery and waiting for the fibers to dry. However, this does not have to be the case. Carpet cleaning can be eased by simple ways to get rid of the lingering smells and stubborn stains. Having regular maintenance on your carpet will ease the burden of cleaning. Here are the best carpet cleaning perfectly practices to keep that fresh look:

Test for Colorfastness 

Testing for colorfastness will ensure you know what you are dealing with. A colourfast carpet will not fade or change. Cleaning it will be smooth and easy. This is what will help you choose the best method, equipment and product to use. 

To check if your carpet is colourfast, use the following methods:

  • Choose any spot on the carpet and vacuum 
  • Using a carpet cleaner, dampen with a cloth 
  • Leave the cloth for approximately one hour
  • Damp the chosen area with a white cloth 
  • Check the fabric for stains. If stains are visible, test with other products 

So now that you are ready to start cleaning, it is time to get your carpet back to its best. 

Steps to clean your carpet 

  • Remove dust on your carpet 

Dust particles that have accumulated on your carpet need to be removed. The best way is to turn the carpet upside down and vacuum it. Once all the dirt is eliminated, spin the carpet back and run the vacuum cleaner over it. Do this carefully to prevent the fibers from getting destroyed. 

  • Brush your carpet 

Strands of hair and other dust particles may be stuck on your carpet. Using a bristled brush will do the trick. Be careful using the appropriate pressure. You do not want to damage the shape of the carpet or the inner linings of the carpet. 

  • Treat your carpet 

Warm water will do the trick. 4-5 drops of white vinegar mixed with liquid detergent are also required. Apply the mixture to the stain, and using a used toothbrush, scrub gently to remove the stains. Rinse with plain water. Gently dab a clean white cloth till the area is dry. Repeat this procedure till you achieve the desired effect. 

  • Wash your carpet 

Washing and shampooing your carpet is a lifesaver. Do not put your carpet in the dryer. Most dryers will leave an undesirable residue. A clean carpet will leave a desirable effect on your visitors. 

These steps are easy to maintain and keep your carpets clean. However, stains and spills might require that you employ other deep cleaning methods. Deep cleaning your carpet is done in four easy ways:

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Deep cleaning using a liquid soap mixture 
  • Deep cleaning a carpet naturally 

Let’s look at two of the main methods. 

Wet cleaning a carpet 

These are the simple steps to follow. 

  • Get a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners are sourced from your local hardware. Their affordability makes them a lifetime investment. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, only that they have a water tank. Get a mobile carpet cleaner. Filling the tank makes moving it around tricky. 
  • Choose a cleaning solution. An environmentally cleaning solution is crucial. Check the ingredients on the bottle or sachet. This is to make sure you are not allergic to any of the components. 
  • Clear the area of operation. Remove any hindrances, toys, books, newspapers, etc. 
  • Move the furniture. To have a proper working environment, it is good that you provide as much room as possible. Place small pieces of aluminium foil under the feet of the furniture. 
  • Vacuum the carpet. Look for the vulnerable spots and thoroughly vacuum. These are areas such as those covered by the furniture. 

Dry-Cleaning the carpet

Dry cleaning is essential in removing the accumulated dust trapped on the carpets. It is not effective in removing stains.

Here are the steps that can help you dry-clean your carpet. 

  • Purchase a dry-carpet cleaning solution. There are various powders available in the market that serve the sole purpose of breaking down accumulated dust. 
  • Sprinkle on the carpet. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Sprinkle the required amount on the carpet. Leave it for some time as instructed. The powder will work its magic. 
  • Vacuum the carpet. Be careful with this step. Not all cleaner instructions recommend vacuuming. If it is not safe, use a carpet brush instead. Once the powder is out, this process is complete. 

How to maintain your carpet? 

Now that your carpet is clean, here are the best practices to ensure that you maintain a clean carpet. 

  • Regular up-keep 
  • Do not rub stains; instead, blot them 
  • Use doormats 
  • Do not step the carpet with your shoes 



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