A Sneakerhead’s Guide To The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo

Air Jordan Retro White Oreo
VIENNA, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 10, 2017: Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro OG white, grey and black sneaker on white background.

Heads up to all the Air Jordan fans out there! There’s a new release retro for the Air Jordan 4 that features an alternate colorway of the same model. Let’s see a sneaker head’s guide to the Air Jordan Retro White Oreo.

Dubbed as Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘White Oreo’, it’s a continuation of the shoe’s legendary status, but this time in a neutral palette that’s easy to wear and style. 

Nike’s recent announcement names their latest AJ 4 retro release as ‘Tech White’ though sneakerheads may go with the catchier ‘White Oreo’ as an homage to the first retro release dating back in ‘99 and to how it resembles a popular cookie snack. Here’s what to expect with the newest rendition out in stores this July. 

Product Specifications

  • Oreo Colorway 

The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo comes in an opposite color blocking, swapping out black for a dominant white. Its official colorway is white, tech grey, black, and fire red. 

Its muted color is said to be a refreshing alternative with marvelous touches such as the soft white leather on the shoe’s upper, mesh netting, and iconic wings. This shoe is mostly in the color white on the outside, along with the insole and tongue. The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo also comes in standard flat white laces.

To provide a subtle contrast, the forefoot, and Jumpman logo on the heel is in Tech Grey while the cement print fills the molded eyelets and polyurethane midsole. 

As a nice, added pop of color, there’s a red Jumpman logo on the tongue, and an inverted Air Jordan stitched in white and red at the back of the tongue. The same logo on the insole’s heel sports the same hue.  

While the pair follows the white sneaker trend, it remains true to the Air Jordan 4 tradition. It showcases a subtle combination but retains the charm of the AJ 4 retro line. Overall, the Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo is a quiet celebration of its nostalgic past and a cool take from louder retros out there. 

This latest iteration shows how expansive the Air Jordan line is and how it reverts back to classic themes to make it more wearable and appealing. Its muted colorway with a hint of unassuming hues makes it a perfect go-to casual pair of kicks. 

  • Packaging Box 

Another notable difference with the Air Jordan 4 White Oreo is its packaging. Unlike traditional boxes from the Air Jordan 4 line, this retro comes with a white-red combination with a cement print bottom.

The box’s color scheme is a sneak peek at what the shoe looks like, and you won’t be disappointed when you open the packaging to reveal a new pair of pristine White Oreo kicks. 

  • Air Jordan 4 Staples

Aside from its distinctive features, the Air Jordan 4 White Oreo upholds the signature mid-cut height, visible air on the heel, and rubber outsole. These provide extra cushioning and support for your feet to make them comfortable for most of a day’s use. The air on the heel is part of the Air Jordan trademark, while the rubber outsole ensures traction. 

As with the other Air Jordan 4 retros, the Nike Air branding is also absent on the heel tab. Taking its place is the Jumpman logo loudly and proudly projecting itself in fire red, starkly contrasting the white leather and cement print. The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo also follows the streamlined look of the OG and previous retro versions, along with its signature wing design. 

Retail Price

The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo’s official retail price starts at $190, but it’ll surely go higher than that depending on the shoe size and the shop you’re planning to buy it from. You can purchase them in select stores, or you check them online through reputable resellers. 

Make sure to do a thorough legit check for you to get the real deal for its price.     


When you’re buying a pair of the Air Jordan 4 White Oreo, make sure that you stick true to size. It’s advisable to know your shoe size, especially if you’re buying online, so you won’t run into the hassle of returns or refunds. 

You’ll need to go up a half size if you have wider feet since this retro is usually narrower than other Air Jordans.  

Apart from getting the correct size, you’re probably wondering how to wear this retro. Good news! This retro AJ 4’s colorway makes it easy to dress around with. It works for casual everyday wear and smoothly pairs with a plain white cap, t-shirt, or sweatshirt. 

You can even contrast it with other colors or use complementary tones to highlight its iconic White Oreo silhouette. Try black, grey, or red jerseys, pullovers, or jackets. 

As for bottoms, you can pair them with a pair of shorts, joggers, and jeans. Ladies can even rock them with skirts and dresses. If you want more hype, you can use Jumpman crew socks in white, grey, or black in conjunction. 


While the colorway can be a standout, it can be hard to keep them clean at all times. It’s predominantly white, so slight dirt and stain can make it unsightly. You’ll have to be careful where and when you use them. 

In case they get soiled, sneakerheads can use several tools to keep them looking good as new. Sneaker wipes usually take care of minimal stains or you can use some good ol’ toothpaste as a quick hack.  If you have some with you to spare, a sneaker cleaner can do the trick. 

Make sure to remove dust and dirt regularly and wash your laces often to maintain their crisp white look. Never toss them into the dryer as it’ll deform the shoes’ shape. Air drying works best and is recommended.  Store your new kicks properly in a shoe cabinet or similar container free of dust and any other possible contaminants.


The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo is an exciting take on one of the most famous Air Jordan lines. Although it showcases and shares the same features, such as the iconic wings, Jumpman logo, and cement print with the Air Jordan 4 OG and related retros, the White Oreo distances itself by offering an alternative colorway that’s incredibly easy to style. These new kicks make it a fantastic pair for casual occasions. Choose one that’s true to size and make time for regular cleaning to maintain its crisp white look.      



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