How to Use Nail Clippers

How to Use Nail Clippers

Having a nail grooming kit can be very beneficial if you want to take care of your nails. Well, one of them most essential tools is a pair of nail clippers. The problem is, a lot of people still don’t know how to use it properly. In this article, you will get to know how to use nail clippers.

If you have the same problem, we are here to help you out. So, before you look for a pair of nail clippers online, you need to read our guide. In this following, we are covering best use of nail clippers and common mistakes while using this tool as well. Let’s find out.

Best Tools For Cutting Nail

Before we start with how to use a pair of nail clippers, we need to find out about the best nail grooming tools. Sure, nail clippers are good and make it a lot easier but you can use alternatives as well. 

  • Nail Scissors

Nail scissors are a good nail grooming tool. Well, this type of scissors have the longest types of blades. Moreover, this tool is a lot safer. This is why you can easily trim your nails without having risk of cracking the nail. 

  • Nail Clippers

As you can see, a pair of nail clippers is one of the best nail grooming tools. Unlike nail scissors, nail clippers could be a little crucial to use. However, we will guide you in this article. While buying a pair of nail clippers, you need to check the quality of the steel as your grooming depends on it a lot. 

  • Nail Nipper

Nail nipper is another popular grooming tool you need to check. This tool looks more like a pair of wire cutters. This tool does not have as hard steel as nail clippers but it’s very useful. In fact, most people also say that this tool is way safer than clippers. 

  • Nail File

This one is a popular nail grooming tool. However, it’s not an alternative to clippers. So, you can use a file as well. Just like other grooming kits, you need to buy a good quality nail file. Make sure you are checking the shap of the file tip and file thickness. 

  • Cuticle Scissors

Cuticle scissors are tiny yet very useful scissors. This tool can be useful when you are trimming your nails. There are two types of cuticle scissors; tower points and standard scissors. Before you buy this tool, make sure you are checking rounded-off edges, blades, and points. 

  • Tweezers

Well, a tweezer is not an alternative to a pair of nail clippers but you can use it for grooming your nails. Usually, tweezers are used for pulling hair and ticks. There are three types of tweezers including angled edge, rounded edge tweezers, and needle nose. Moreover, you need to check the quality of steel before buying. 

Common Mistakes of Using Nail Clipper

Finally, you know about the best tools for trimming your nails. Well, if you are choosing a pair of clippers, you need to be extra careful. Many people make some mistakes while using this tool. 

#1 Using Poor Quality Clipper

The most common mistake of using a pair of clippers is choosing a poor-quality metal. It happens when someone’s buying it for the first time. A pair of nail clippers cost around $1 to $50. If you are buying cheap clippers, they won’t last for a long time. Plus, you will see the stainless steel dulls easily. 

#2 Skipping Nail Filing

If you are doing manicures and pedicures from a nail salon, they use a nail file to finish it. However, when it comes to us, we always skip the nail filing part. It’s very essential, especially when you want to stop uneven regrowth. This is why we have suggested a nail file as one of the most helpful nail grooming tools. 

#3 Using Wrong Nail Clippers

Another common mistake many people do is choosing the wrong pair of clippers. You should know there are various types of nail clippers. Most people use a cheap compound-lever pair of clippers which can go wrong. Plus, when it comes to durability, it dulls easily. In fact, these tools are bad for your nails. 

#4 Not Disinfecting Your Nail Clippers

Well, this sounds weird but most people do this common mistake by not disinfecting the nail clippers, especially when your family is using them. According to a reliable survey, a person can develop a fungal infection at least 12 times a year. So, make sure you are disinfecting the trimmer before and after using it. 

Why Should You Use Nail Clippers?

If you are wondering why you should use a pair of nail clippers, then we are here to show you some reasons. You can use some alternatives, but clippers are the best option. 

  • Bacterial Infection

As we mentioned before, a bacterial infection is a common nail problem. So, if you are not using a good quality tool, your nails can get infected easily. This is why the clippers are the best. Moreover, no matter what tool you are using for trimming your nails, make sure you are disinfecting it. 

  • Nail Injury

Nail injury is one of the common problems many people face. We know long nails could be the cause of injury when you are accidentally hit it hard on some hard surface. By using a good pair of clippers to trim long nails, you can avoid such injuries. 

  • Good Hygiene

You should know clean nails are a sign of good hygiene. If someone is not trimming his/her nails regularly, it could be dangerous for their hygiene. Most people get a bacterial infection due to not cutting nails regularly. So, using a pair of nail clippers for trimming is the best option.  

  • Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are very common, and it happens due to not cutting nails regularly. Some people have curved toenails and when they are not cutting them regularly, they will start growing into soft flesh. Eventually, it will be the cause of infection and other issues. So, make sure to clean and cut your toenails regularly. 

How to Use Nail Clippers

As we mentioned before, there are various types of clippers. In fact, you will find separate tools for fingernails and toenails. Most clippers come with some basic features, so you don’t have to try hard to learn how to use them.

First, put the tool in a circular motion. When you are ready, wrap your fingers around the tool to get a good grip. Then, place the head of your nail where the trimming blade is located. 

Ensure you are not placing the blade too close to the place where your nail and skin are connected. Then, apply pressure on the handle of this tool. 


You see nail hygiene is essential and that’s why you need to choose the right tools. As we noted above, clippers are one of the best grooming tools. We have shared how you can use it in proper ways. Make sure you are using some other tools like file and tweezer as well. 


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