4 Steps for Healthy Toddlers


Toddlerhood is a time of rapid changes in your kid; it’s a time when your child goes from a baby to a kid with relative autonomy. Because of this fast change in the way of life, it can sometimes be quite hard for parents to make a switch from parenting an infant to parenting a toddler.  In order to offer your kid the best start in life, you should make sure to follow these simple steps and in this way ensure that you will be a proud parent to the happiest and healthiest child.

1. Spend time with your kids

If you’re a working parent it’s easy to fall into the trap of going straight to the kitchen and bed after coming home from work. Spending quality time with your kids will improve both your and their happiness and wellbeing. If you are tired on your working days, devote more time over the weekend. Designate a day for some quality family time by organizing a trip to the zoo or a hike. This way you will make memories your family will cherish forever. Another idea for a time well spent is to have at least one meal with your family every day. This way you will ensure that your toddler enjoys their mealtimes making it a more happy experience for the entire family.

2. Pay attention to their nutrition

According to research, toddlers should be offered three full meals and two snacks a day accompanied with six to eight drinks. You shouldn’t restrict food groups for your toddler – they should be given foods from every food group every single day. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t push your kid to eat everything that is being offered to them since this practice may cause them to resent meal times. If you notice that your kid’s nutrition needs to be supplemented with extra vitamins you may want to look into certain milk substitutes since they’re carefully enriched for toddlers’ needs. Even though there are many milk formulas on the market, we recommend you check this Friso 3 review out so you can properly decide whether it’s a right fit for your young one.

3. Toddlers should stay active

In this day and age it’s become increasingly easy for both younger and older kids to become sedentary, faces fixed to their cell phones and tablets. In order to try and break their habit of sitting still with their devices you should present physical activity as something fun and enjoyable. It is advised that toddlers get at least three hours of physical activity a day but the nature of this activity is up to you and your kid. You may decide to go on a walk or visit a local playground or park or even visit a local beach. By keeping your toddler busy with play during the day you will ensure that when night time comes, they will be tired out and get their recommended 12 hours of sleep.

4. You are their role model

One of the ways kids this age learn is by following a model and more often than not parents are the ones who fit this role. What this means in practice, for example, is that it’s very hard to demand of your child to eat healthily while they’re watching you eat over processed foods all of the time. Another, albeit more sinister example is that kids who are more aggressive towards their peers tend to come from violent households themselves. So, in order to teach healthy habits to your child you need to start from yourself first and make sure that you don’t display unhealthy patterns of behaviour in front of your toddler.


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