How to Choose the Right Bohemian Crystal Vase for Your House?

bohemian crystal vase

Bohemian crystal vases are the type of vases produced in the reigns of Bohemia and now parts of the Czech Republic. With its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, it has a centuries-long history. Among the most famous crystal manufacturers is Caesar Crystal Bohemiae.

Here you will find different glassware ranging from champagne flutes to chandeliers and vases. Bohemian Crystal Vase is the perfect decoration piece. It will bring beauty and delicacy to your home. Keep reading this article if you want to know how to choose the right Bohemian Crystal vase for your house.

And together, I’ll also show you how to care about Bohemian Crystal vases.

What is a Crystal Glass?

When we’re talking about Crystal glass, it means we’re talking about lead crystal glass.

The addition of lead oxide to the basic glass mixture is known as lead crystal glass.

However, the amount of PbO added to the glass mixture will determine the strength and malleability of the crystal.

The presence of lead oxide can also enhance the brilliance and clarity of the crystal glass.

Generally, lead crystal glass will contain about 24% of lead oxide. Apart from its pros, it also has some cons, like lead crystal glass is more unstable at room temperature.

5 Best bohemian crystal vases

In this section, we’ll show you a list of some best bohemian crystal vases.

1.Aurum Crystal Vase

It is a rich engraved masterpiece that fits with any interior. This elegant crystal vase is ideal as a wedding gift and comes with a stable base.

2.Czech Bohemian Crystal Glass

It is a gold plated and hand-painted beautiful lead crystal vase. This colourful vase will fit with any interior.

3.Crystal classic shape vase

If you’re looking to buy a clear or cut crystal vase, you must buy this one. This crystal vase has an elegant hand-blown classic shape.

It combines pure crystal cut with an exacting matte cut.

4.Decorative Crystal Flower vase

It is a simple crystal vase but with a beautiful design. If you’re looking for an everyday use vase, you must buy this durable lead crystal vase.

How to choose the right Bohemian crystal vase

You can buy Bohemian crystal vases on Caesar Crystal Bohemiae of different sizes and designs.

Consider the following options while choosing the right Bohemian crystal vase.

  • Large or small one:- You have to decide if you want to buy a tall vase for the floor or if you want to buy a short one for your table.
  • Clear crystal or engraved:- Clear crystal vases are durable and long-lasting, ideal for holding fresh flowers. On the other hand, engraved vases are perfect for a formal dinner.
  • Painted vases:- You can also purchase painted and decorative versions of crystal vases.
  • Size of vase:- The most common sizes of vases are 10″ = 25,40 cm, 12″ = 30,48 cm and 16″ = 40,64 cm.

How to take care of your Bohemian crystal vase?

These vases are fragile, so you have to keep a soft hand while cleaning them. Make sure not to wash these vases in a dishwasher.

The dishwasher contains alkaline dish soap that could cause your crystal vase to become cloudy.

Also, make sure not to use the vase when it is still warm after washing. Avoid putting ice in the warm vase because a sudden temperature change can break the glass.

As I mentioned earlier, these vases are soft, so you have to place them in a place where they do not touch other pieces of glass.

Wrapping up 

Hopefully, the information given in the article will help you know how to choose the right Bohemian crystal vase for your house. If you’re looking to buy a crystal vase for your new home, purchase it from the best colourful crystal manufacturer, Caesar Crystal Bohemiae.


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