A Look at Dead Sea Face Products

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There are various aspects to healthcare and all these aspects are important for the total wellbeing of any individual. For this reason, no aspect of caring for the body should be taken for granted.

One aspect of health that some might feel is not so important is skin care. However, it is one aspect that greatly impacts on our appearance and might actually be a symptom of a greater problem. But, aside from the possible health challenges, who really would not want to look beautiful and healthy? Especially when there are various products like the dead sea face products that you can apply to your skin.

Dead Sea Products?

Yeah! You read right (this would be a surprise to you only if this is your first time hearing about it). It generally refers to skin care products that are made from materials extracted from the dead sea like salt, potash and mud. You can read more about it here.

Why Is It A Thing?

Well, it is a “thing” primarily because, it was believed and later proven to have certain health benefits to the skin. Its extraction for commercial purposes started after a certain Ziva Gilad (who was a spa technician by profession) came up with the idea of marketing it. This was after he noticed women scooping and taking mud from the sea home as it was believed at the time to be good for the skin.

However, the peak in interest and demand for it came when it was certified through scientific study to have certain health benefits. With this information, many in the beauty industry either started incorporating it into their skin care products or started selling it as a product of its own. Some of the health benefits of the dead sea extracts include:

Helps Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition which causes skin cells to rapidly build up resulting in scaling on the surface of the skin. This results in skin redness and inflammation which will sometimes crack and bleed. However, with these extracts, they can be treated.

Removes Impurities In The Skin

An advice usually given to people with dry skin (dry skin is caused by impurities in the skin) is to try dead sea mud mask. This is because, it is able to remove the impurities while improving the functionality of your skin.  

Treats Acne

Another skin challenge that many people face is the challenge of skin acne. However, these extracts are able to treat this condition because it has antimicrobial on certain bacterial strains that cause acne and that live on the human skin.

It has to be added here that there are more health benefits to using extracts from the dead sea (like its use in the treatment of arthritis and back pain). However, what is listed here are its skin care benefits.

How To Choose The Right Dead Sea Face Products For You

As with anything that has been discovered to be effective in the world today, there is a great demand for products with these extracts and of course, a lot of organizations are stepping up to the challenge. This doesn’t mean that you should just go up and pick anything presented to you at face value rather, there is the need to be careful when about to make such purchase. The following are some tips to help you get the right products:

Check For The Brand Or Manufacturer’s Name

This is important as any self-respecting brand or company would not want its name to be attached to any inferior quality product. Also, ensure that you buy dead sea face products from Israel where the real quality products are from.

Look At The Ingredients In The Product 

Ensure to look at the ingredients that make up what you want to buy. This is because, though they are good, they might not be good for your personal use especially if you have certain allergies.

Check For The Price

First you have to check for the price tag and be sure that it is what you want and can afford. Secondly, if the price is cheap, it might not be an original and thus, you would have to leave it.


Beauty is one thing that everyone appreciates and want to be associated with. For this reason, people will do whatever they can to look good. 

However, how can one look good when the person is contending with skin challenges. This is why it is important to go get and use top quality Dead Sea face product. 


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