How an Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Can Help a Lab

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Many companies today specialize in laboratory equipment rental or freezer repair. The ultra-low temperature freezer is one of the most popular larger appliances in pharmaceutical companies, chemical laboratories, hospitals, and universities. 

This is because these freezers can range between -30 to -40°F. They store various tissue samples, cells, enzymes, drugs, and other biological products. Many laboratories are considering them as one of the essential equipment in their environment and an important part of their research and overall work.

How ULT Freezers are Becoming an Asset to the Modern Laboratory

  1. Safety of the Samples

The ULT freezers or refrigeration systems are designed to put the samples into safety. The priority of the labs is to ensure that they are not using faulty equipment because this can be an expense that translates into thousands of dollars when the specimen samples are destroyed.

ULT or ultra-low freezers are very popular because they provide peace of mind to the staff. Most of the models have silicone gaskets as well as seven-point contacts. You can check the ultra low freezer price in the link provided if you’re interested in preventing any leaks of heat. This feature is going to do the preservation if a brown-out occurs. 

As an addition, the ULT freezers are quick in recovering very low temperatures when the doors have been opened. The modern laboratories will ensure that the samples that you’ve stored have remained at a more stable temperature.

  1. Have More Energy-Efficiency

The ULT freezers are not only energy-efficient, but they were built to conserve. There may be many brands and models available, but almost all of them emit lower heat. In this case, since there’s less energy, many appreciate the lower bills they are getting every month.

The laboratories can save money as a result, as well as there are savings for operations. After all, these refrigeration systems are often used in research on a daily basis. The lab costs are going down, and the extra can go to other more helpful projects in the future. Read more about things to consider when buying ULT freezers on this site here.

  1. Various Options in Size

The freezers are sold in different brands, sizes, and models. You’ll have one that will fit your storage needs, and there are a lot of them that can be a perfect fit for your laboratory facility. The labs with larger specimen volumes that needed frequent usage can go with the upright freezers because they can be easily accessed. Another advantage to the upright variety is that they have adjustable compartments and shelves located inside, and they are usually cool a lot faster after they are opened.

For other regular labs, one can get the medium-size or most often called the chest freezers. They may not be bigger, but they can also guarantee long-term and safe storage of samples. The ULTs that are chest-size are perfect for those who are frequently removing materials daily.

The ULT can even become more compact, especially when you want to store just a small volume of cells or medicines inside. Some are bench or tabletop models with sizes that are small to carry anywhere. Before choosing the exact size, it’s essential to take the specimen that you’re going to store into account. While most of the features include removable pieces and adjustable shelves, it’s still important that you’ll have something that will meet all of your needs at the same temp.

  1. A More Secure Storage Facility

Securing the samples is important as some are under investigation and considered classified. There are ULT freezers that have a variety of security features. They come with biometrics, fingerprint scanning, and authorized keycards. Read this blog here: for more info about biometrics.

If someone unauthorized is trying to access the samples, you can be alerted with alarm features. This is to guarantee that the temperatures were constant, and the products were not compromised. Alarms can also activate to let everyone know that there was a power failure. 

How Does the Circuit Work?

The fridge systems can be composed of a high-power compressor that is single or hermetically sealed. Others are two cascade solutions where the circuits of the refrigerators are connected to an evaporator and condenser. The facilitation of the condensed and compressed gas is happening in the first circuit.

Know that the air-cooled condensers are the ones used in a lab setting. They consist of copper-aluminum and tubular batteries so that they will provide surface heat transfer as much as possible. In Ult freezers, the circulation of cooled air is forced into fans, and the capillary tubes are obtaining the refrigerant fluids’ expansion.

The evaporation will take place inside a steel plate heat exchanger or coil. The chest freezers have copper coils placed at the bottom and along the walls, while the upright varieties run through the walls up to the top. These things are something to take into consideration when you are purchasing refrigerants.


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