7 Tips to Update Your Living Space at Home

Living Space at Home

As summer emerges, and with it the promise of post-pandemic ‘normality’, we’re all in the position of embracing positive change and a refresh of feeling. Having spent so much of the last year inside, now is the time to update our living space at home and work towards enjoying (hopefully) unenforced time in our homes. But how to do this without breaking the bank or revamping the whole house? Follow these top tips for some easy updates.

Install a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a quick and easy way to display all of your art, prints and photos in a manner that’s more eye-catching than the standard horizontal lines of frames. Choose the most appropriate picture rail hanging system and work with a theme you like — colour, size, shape or design. Search Pinterest for inspiration and mix and match your pieces for an artistic array to draw the eyes.

Play Around with Wall Design

Painting a single statement wall or using wall stickers to create a design can really ‘pop’ your interiors and give a whole new dimension to any room. Ornately designed wallpaper on one stand-out centre wall gives a professional, smart feel, and the likes of peelable wall stickers can be used even in rented accommodation to create unique rooms. 

Infuse Pattern and Texture with Fabrics

You may not be in the position to paint or re-decorate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz things up a little. Textured, bright or heavily patterned cushions and throws on otherwise neutral furniture or backdrops peak the interest and make for a cosy, homely feel.

Style Your Storage

In smaller rooms and homes, it can easily seem as though everywhere is taken up with storage units — and they do often consume a lot of floor space. Adopt a more minimalist look by using woven storage baskets, painting or upcycling existing storage units or even wallpapering them! For full storage optimisation, buy individual containers for inside drawers and cupboards, and label them clearly so everything has a place.

Take a Shelfie

Shelves are rarely considered as an interior design focus, and more often than not, they end up covered in items that you need to just shove somewhere out of the way! Take a Shelfie (yep, that’s a selfie for your shelf) and reorganize your items to create a look you like. Store anything unnecessary away and get it looking good enough for the ‘gram.

Dress Your Nooks 

Lots of homes have small, awkward spaces that aren’t big enough to fit a regular piece of furniture in, so they just go unused. Dressing a nook and using its space productively can result in a reading area, children’s play space or even just a spare wall to display art. The possibilities are endless, and there’s even a whole subset of nooks that can be created by emptying out old closets!

Colour POP

Neutrals always look smart, but it’s easy for an interior aesthetic to go stale fast if there’s not much differentiation in it. The beauty of a colour accent is that it can be changed whenever you feel like it — why not have one for each season? Adding in small decorative items, changing up the colour of photo frames and putting in some cushions or interior fabrics in a bright accent colour lends a whole new feel to every interior. Think neon for summer, rich tones for winter and warming themes for autumn. 

Interior design need not be expensive or time consuming; a little tweak here and a switch of obect there really can make all the difference and refresh your whole mindset on the home. Why not start now and put 2020 living room vibes behind you?


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