Best Way to remove mold in your home

Best Way to remove mold 

Mold is a type of fungus which has can grow inside and outside. Mold can be of various kinds. They reproduce through spore formation, which floats in the air and spread throughout your house if not removed. 

Mold grows well in a moist and damp environment. Mold can grow in less than 48 hours if you have any water damage in your house. It can grow on varied types of objects such as books, tables, walls, wood, glass, plastic, cloth, and many more.

Mold can enter your house through air, or maybe it may attach to your clothes or on the fur of your pets. Once it starts to grow, it can even affect your health. It can produce allergens and irritant which enter through your nasal. They can cause you skin, nasal, and lung infection. In some cases, it may take a severe turn and may cause you asthma or a compromised immune system. 

We need to remove the mold. Here are some of the ways of mold removal. 

1. Mold Removal from the clothes 

If you had a flood or water damage and if you did not remove it in the first 48 hours, then you should dispose of the clothes as you cannot wear them again. But if mold growth has occurred because of humidity or moisture, then there are chances that you can use your clothes again.

Remove all the clothes which have mold growth and take them outside to remove mold. Wash them outside so that mold does not spread in other parts of your house. Use hot water which and brush out the mold. After that, disinfect the area and let the clothes dry. 

In some cases, stains may remain then you can employ the solution of oxygen bleach and water. Soak the cloth for about 6 to 8 hours in the solution, and they let the clothe dry after that.

If the cloth is dry clean friendly, brush the mold and give it your dry cleaner to remove the stains. 

2. Mold Removal from the tiles 

Bathrooms are full of humidity and dampness. They provide an ideal condition for the growth of mold. Keep your bathroom floor and tiles dry as far as possible. Mob the floor and tiles after bathing. Install an exhaust fan to remove the moisture and maintain proper ventilation in the bathroom.

 In case of mold growth, you can employ any cleaning agent, but it is preferable to use chlorine bleach and water as they are more effective. To make a solution of chlorine and water:

  • Mix one part of the bleach in 16 part of water.
  • Apply the mixture to the affected area.
  • Let the mixture dry on the wall for at least 20 minutes, and then scrub the affected area.

Use hot water for washing. After washing, wipe the tile or floor with the help of a cloth and disinfect it. Keep the windows and door open for better ventilation. 

3. Mold Removal from Household Appliances

Many appliances in your house such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, coffer-makers are in constant contact with water and have a lot of moisture in them. Mold can grow in them as mold can grow on the food or over the dust and dirt over your clothes.

It would be best to run chlorine and water solution in your washing machine and dishwashers regularly to prevent mold growth. You should even check the surface of the washers to be suspect if you have any mold growth.

You can sprinkle white vinegar in your refrigerator and coffee makers to avoid mold growth.   

Last few words!

Mold can be dangerous for your health, and thus, it is essential to remove it as soon as you discover it. The removal can be a bit hazardous personally as you may expose yourself to the fungi. You should hire professional mold removal services that will remove the mold, keeping in mind all the required precautions. 

Do not delay the process as it can harm your house badly. You must also keep in mind that you run through its website before hiring a company and check about the company. Investigate the projects they have worked upon and go through their review to understand them better.  



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