Helpful Hints for Buying the Best Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture

Oak furniture seemed to slip out of market and trend in the past few years. In these few years, pine, painted glass furniture with high gloss has replaced Oak furniture. People found oak furniture to be old-fashioned and outdated. In this article, you will get to know some helpful hints for buying the best oak furniture.

But recently, oak furniture has made a massive comeback to the market. Its vast range of styles and designs adorning even the most contemporary designer interiors has got everyone’s heart. People are more interested in buying great designs of only oak furniture. Oak is the most versatile and popular furniture-making wood that provides high-quality finishing. It is used to make almost every piece of furniture we have like from beds to bookshelves, dressing tables, dining tables, etc.

There are solid chances of being an oak furniture fan if you are a fan of interior design or you like midcentury modern style furniture or just furniture in general. Oakwood creates a piece of elegant, eye-catching furniture.

Oakwood is a very versatile hardwood. The colour palette, textures, and grain of oak wood is suitable for multiple decorating aesthetics and can be found in many different styles. It’s a high-quality wood piece, and the furniture designed and created with oak wood can last for a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

If you’re planning to make an oak furniture purchase in the future or now, then there are a few helpful tips and hints that would help you find the best quality and price. Follow these tips and buy the oak furniture your room has been waiting for will.

Oak for Woodworking

Among the hardwood species found in the USA, Oak is the single most abundant one. There’s a lot of information that you need to know about oakwood. You have to know about how much of it is grown, milled, harvested and turned into trim-work and furniture.

There are only two primary varieties of oak used in woodworking, no matter if your pieces are made at home or abroad.

  1. Red Oak
  2. White Oak

There’s no such big difference in both of these types. Both have similar grains, but the white oak contains longer rays. In terms of durability, white oak is more durable than the red one, and with white oak, a lighter colour is achievable, which is somehow hard for red oak. Among both of these types, white oak is the more expensive one.

Apart from utilizing oak wood in making furniture and home decorating stuff, oak wood is also used in some important and valuable industrial functions. Like red oak is used to make wagon wheels and railroad ties, it has also been a trendy choice for hardwood floors. On the other hand, White oak is used to build ships because of its waterproof nature.

Why Buy Oak Furniture?

Oakwood is an affordable, durable and heavy hardwood with beautiful grain, which contributes to making it the most popular and best choice for making furniture. Oakwood created furniture is considerably sturdier than that crafted from some other hardwoods like mahogany. Oak furniture is an excellent choice for your house if you have an active family and furniture gets a lot of wear in your home because it does not damage easily.

Oakwood is the most popular wood choice for nearly all furniture types and styles. It is best for American and English country styles furniture. Oakwood stains well, or to exhibit its natural beauty, it can be coated in a clear urethane.

What to Look For?

Apart from making furniture from solid oak wood, oak veneers are also used for constructing pieces; oak is glued over carcasses that are built from other, cheaper woods, whichever wood type you choose depends on your budget and taste.

Oak veneer wood is fragile, vast sheets of oak. It can be cut to size and glued over core carcasses of pine or particleboard that significantly reduce the overall cost of the furniture piece. You can surely go for furniture built with veneer if it is constructed well.

Due to its long-lasting life, many solid oak pieces and are handed down as family heirlooms to the next generations.

No matter what furniture you’re buying, always look for pieces that are well constructed. There should be no gaps between part, and joints between individual components should be fastened together securely. 

The surface of oak furniture should feel smooth to the touch when used in furniture pieces; even though oak has a naturally coarse texture, but it is evenly smooth if appropriately furnished. The urethane or stain coating should have a uniform appearance. Oak woodgrain should be noticeable through the finish and give a warm look.

Getting a Good Price

Oak furnishings are a significant investment in terms of price and quality. We suggest you buy used furniture or mix solid oak furniture with veneered furniture. You can get it from Antique and secondhand stores that sell oak furniture. Refinished them or perform some minor repair. It will likely be worth the price if the oak furniture is well constructed. Buying oak furniture in an untreated form is an excellent way to save money.


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