To enhance the look of your room, decorating the walls is an excellent option. It doesn’t only affect the interior, but the overall look of your room is changed to something good. The material chosen for wall finishing should not only look nice, but it should also have practicality

Depending on each room’s functional areas, multiple types of wall finishing materials are available in the market. This article will discuss some most popular wall finishing materials; we will review them and discuss their pros and cons in detail. Follow this article till the end, and you will get to know about everything related to wall finishes in detail.

1. Wallpaper

Who is not familiar with wallpapers, and who does not like them? I think every one of us loves wallpapers. They are the most popular wall finishing material in the market for room decor since forever. From simple wallpaper to vinyl, or even 3D photo wallpaper, a lot of options are available when it comes to wallpapers. Which type of wallpaper is selected depends on the space. As for the kitchen, vinyl (washable) will be a better suit as it’s super convenient, and you can easily clean the walls anytime you want. If we talk about having wallpapers in the bathroom, it should be one type that absorbs moisture (moisture-proof wallpaper). Having random wallpapers in the bathroom can cause fungus linin to the walls.

The best options are lightweight paper wallpapers (weights up to 110 g / m3) when it comes to kid’s or babies’ rooms. Paper wallpapers are cheap and easy to change because there is a frequent need to renovate the kid’s room, so you should go for smart options like this as a parent.

Choosing wallpapers for living/bedroom depends on room design. Or you can go for textile, non-woven, liquid, photo, and 3D wallpaper. They all look great in the living room.

2. Wall Panels

PVC panels are a trendy wall finishing material in offices, shopping malls, and other commercial buildings. Plastic panels are an excellent solution for the kitchen or the bathroom because of their water and oil-proof nature and other required qualities. Plastics are rarely used in living or bedroom because it is a not a natural material.

Plastic wall panels are easy to assemble and easy to replace in case of any damage. 


In-wall finishing tiles are one of the most popular materials. It resists moisture, drops the temperature, and also keeps other problems miles away from your walls. Depending on its advantages, tiles are the best options for the kitchen and bathrooms. The only disadvantage of the tiling is its complex processing and high cost like; if we talk about the tile “cottoforte,” not everybody can afford it, but it would definitely give your interior a new look.

4. Decorative Plaster

Decorative plaster is one of the best solutions for the original decoration of the room these days. Depending on the type of plaster (acrylic, mineral, silicate, etc.), the material’s technical qualities, properties, and appearance can vary.

Decorative plaster gives you the option of applying a variety of patterns, but the complex process behind applying the plaster is considered a disadvantage. But with a few right strokes with a spatula can give your room a fresh look.

5. Gypsum Plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboard falls under the category of dry wall finishing, which is a good option for almost any room. People use gypsum plaster to make their walls straight. 

Pros of using gypsum plasterboard:

  • Quick installation
  • It does not require any preparatory work on the walls to entice
  • Conceal wiring, pipes, and heaters
  • Experienced master can deliver a variety of room bends, drops, and other design solutions.

Cons of Gypsum Plasterboard:

  • Weak moisture resistance 
  • Echoing and hollow wall

5. Decorative Stone

Decorative stones are one of the expensive materials in wall finishing. You cannot apply decorative stones on your own, and you’ll need a specialist to apply it successfully; otherwise, who knows the outcomes.

Decorative stones are natural and durable. They bring the room originality and emphasize the status of its hosts. With the help of HomeAdvisor, hire a professional to install decorative wall stone for wall finishing. 

Use the following tips when using decorative stones outside wall finishing:

  • Use an Extension Cord as a Marker
  • Dig the Trench
  • Tamp Down the Gravel
  • Level the Stones

7. Painting

Nowadays, painting is used most often for exterior decoration of a private house, plus it will also be an excellent wall finishing solution inside your home. For applying paintings, you need to have perfectly flat walls, and with its wide variety of colors, textures, and forms, you can give your space a new artwork look.

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