Quintrex Explorer Tinnies at Brisbane Yamaha

Quintrex Explorer Tinnies

Quintrex Explorer Tinnies At Brisbane Yamaha has a reputation as usable versatile fishing rigs ready to take us on our next marvelous adventure. We have the choice to add side pockets, rod holders, and casting platforms. 

Quintrex Renegades range offers exclusive stability and safety to the people who like to fish and explore waterways. They are perfect for a family holiday.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Quintrex 250 Explorer- It it easy to handle with a great estuary. The boat can be used as a tender. It has built-in bench seats. It has affordable no fuss tinnie that remains a family favorite for years. The product has wider chines that offer stability at rest. It weighs 50 kg and has an overall length of 2.6m. It has an open layout that allows room to move, transom handles, rowlock blocks. This model is the ultimate winner in the family fishing stakes.  
  • Quintrex 320 Explorer- This type of model comes with a forked bow design. It has a weight of 63 kg with a horsepower of 7hp. The model provides room. With the no-fuss fishing rig, the tinnie measure 3.25m.  
  • Quintrex 350 Explorer- It contains a V-shaped hull with the stability of a V-nosed punt. It is also designed with a flat deck and features a bow handle, solid corners, transom handles, anchor gusset. It is durable and fuss-free. This model is an icon amongst estuary anglers. It is economical, durable, and easy to work with. It weighs 3.53m and has a beam of 1.45m. 
  • Quintrex 350 Outback Explorer- This model is the smallest in the outback explorer. It is the perfect boat for exploring, cruising, and fishing. It has a solid construction with an anchor gusset and solid corners. It has handy features like transom handles, seats, and a front deck. It has a horsepower of 15hp. It got the measuring of 3.61m with a 1.58m beam.  
  • Quintrex 370 Explorer- The model Quintrex Renegades 370 offers great stability. It is fitted with a front deck, anchor gusset, and bench seats. It has Quintrex clever Eclipse Hull. For the adventurer, it needs to make more rooms. It has 20hp. The legendary Quinnie is rated for three people and the short shaft for two people. It has the perfect rig for freshwater. It weighs around 3.75m in length with a beam of 1.5m. The model offers a one-piece external solid T Keel for durability.

The Quintrex Renegades- Tinnies At Brisbane offers the following:

  • Quintrex 370.
  • Quintrex F390 Explorer
  • Quintrex 370 back Explorer
  • Quintrex explorer 385 

Quintrex Renegade- Tinnies At Brisbane Yamaha offers for sale.

Brisbane Quintrex offers for sale, they are the biggest sellers of Marine equipment in Australia with lots of new and used boats. 

The product offers the following boats:

  • New 2020 Quintrex 320 Wanderer with 6HP YAMAHA four strokes. The value is $5690.
  • 320 Quintrex Wanderer Hull Only. The sale price is $1650.
  • Quintrex Explorer Outback 350. The sale price is $2150.
  • Quintrex 440 Explorer Trophy F60HP. The sale price is $2150

Quality of Quintrex Renegades At Brisbane Yamaha?

One of the best providers of boats in the market is Quintrex Renegades. It builds the boats with lots of research. The boats are made up of premium quality aluminum. The structure of the boat is designed with utmost precision. 

The models under this category are one of the most trusted sources of boats and are specifically designed for the Australian market.

The raft of Quintrex Renegades is worth the investment. The quality is worth each penny spent. 



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