How can dust lead to household pests?

Dust lead to pests

When it comes to house pests, the few words that strike us are Annoying, Creepy, Nuisance, Obnoxious, and so on! No matter how much you take care about dusting everything in your house, pests do find a breeding place and favorable environment. Some common household pests include dust mites, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, termites, centipedes, ants, and more. There are many things you can do to keep them at bay like a mosquito light zapper in your patio. We will help you in knowing How can dust lead to household pests?

Recent studies have proven that dust has emerged to be a major factor leading to the growth of house pests in several areas. Even if you use the air conditioners and air purifiers from the best air conditioner brands, it’s very hard to eliminate dust accumulation from every corner, especially under furniture. 

Dust gives rise to the growth of mites and dust mites to be exact. In the following article, we will talk about how dust mites are a threat and ways to control their population. 

What are dust mites, and why they are attracted to accumulated specks of dust? 

The dust you find at home is a mix of several microscopic and tiny objects like dirt, fabric fibers, dead bacteria, pet furs, soil particles, pollen grains, microplastics, cigarette ash, dead bugs so on. However, the major constituent of the household dust is dead skin cells that we shed almost every day. According to a study, a person can shed dead skin cells weighing around 1.5g every day. (

These small and microscopic objects conglomerate to form the dust which accumulates in the corners, under furniture, in between upholsteries, and in several other hidden and forgotten places. Believe it or not, dust is one of the main reasons for the growing population of dust mites- one of the most common house pest that not only poses a threat to our health but also attracts other pests, directly or indirectly. 

This particular mite species feed on the microscopic skin cells which form the household dust, and hence, you will find these mites in your home, no matter how clean your surroundings are. 

What are the threats of dust mite infestation in residence? 

There is no documentation to prove that dust mites are deadly in any way. However, dust mites do affect our health and the environment as discussed below. 

  •         One of the direct implications of dust mite infestation is asthma. So, people were having respiratory problems like dust allergies or asthma suffer the most due to dust mite infestation. 
  •         These mites are microscopic, and hence hard to track. However, if they walk on the skin, they will bite, and due to those bites, people often suffer from rash outbreaks, which almost look like granular skin allergies. 
  •         Dust mites are harmful to babies, especially for the crawlers, as they contact the pest more often. 
  •         These small mites are the food of bigger mite species which is why you will often see other pests and insects roaming around in your home even after no breeding ground is present in and around your house. 

How to control the dust mite population in your home?

You won’t find any appliance or tool like flycatchers or bug zappers for removing the dust mites. The only way to reduce their population and eradicate them from your home is by removing the dust, which is easier said than done. However, there are some ways in which you can reduce dust accumulation over time, which will somehow put a halt to the growth of dust mites. These include:

  1. Use a dehumidifier and/or AC to reduce humidity indoors
  2. Replace or clean carpets
  3. Wash bedding in hot water
  4. Use dust-proof pillow covers
  5. Use vacuum cleaners
  6. Clean furniture and forgotten corners regularly.
  7. Do go for wall-to-wall carpets
  8. Go for pest control services

Dust not only leads to dust mites and other pests but also allergies. So, ensure that you follow a proper cleaning and dusting routine in your home to stay healthy. 




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