The 10 Perfect Colours For A Summer House Refresh

Summer House Refresh

There’s a real optimism about this summer appearing. We’re all thinking about potential holidays, events, and of course, summer renovation. It’s the perfect time of the year to give your home a lick of paint and we’ve pulled out 10 different colours of paint that will add a real sense of cheer to your property i.e. your summer house refresh…


A pinker shade of peach is one of the perfect colours to add light to a room, as well as an air of youthfulness. It’s one of the trendiest colours on the market today, and numerous sources, including the likes of, have highlighted that an on-trend and fresh paint job in a home can increase the value of property if you are looking to sell.


A bold red in the right area can really elevate a home and offer a sense of fun and charm. It’s a colour that really makes a statement, and whether it be a piece of furniture, a door, or even skirting boards or features. 

Soft Blue 

Alternatively, at the other end of the spectrum, soft blues will bring elements of calm and serenity, and are often ideal in bedrooms or bathrooms, adding to the tranquility and relaxation that the rooms are required to give. 


Neutral colours are always a wise choice, particularly for those looking to sell or rent out a property. They’re colours that never go out of style and one of the best neutrals to keep your eyes out for this summer is Benjamin Moore’s Sag Harbour Gray. Different lights give it a different colouring and feel.


Melon is a fresh looking colour perfect for the summer months. It adds a real cheery feel that you won’t get from your blues and greys, as well as it offering a warmth during the colder, winter months. (Viagra)


Green is one of the in colours at the moment and if you’re looking for a fresh, natural colour a vibrant green is certainly the way to go. It brings elements of the outdoors into any room, with kitchens and living rooms perfect for paining green, while there are also many colours that compliment it, making it suitable for all tastes.


Off-white isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and is another colour that is both refreshing and warm, as well as being perfectly suited to any space. You can pair almost any furniture with it, various colours in terms of picture frames and shelving, as well as it being a neutral colour that won’t put off any potential buyers if you’re looking to sell in the near future.


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