Reasons Bunk Beds is a Great Idea for Boys

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the all-time favorite choice of both children and parents. Bunk beds provide you with the comfort of a bed, plus they save up a lot of space in your room, making your sleep-time fun. A lot of fancy designed bunk beds are available in the market. Most of the times, siblings share a room, and for that situation, bunk beds for boys are parent’s first choice, plus kids are also excited to enjoy their sleep on a bed different than a normal one.

If your boys always wanted a bunk bed, but you cannot decide whether it is good or not, then here are the reasons you should go for a bunk bed in a boy’s room.

Huge Variety of designs to choose from:

Furniture markets are filled with many cool bunk bed designs, and it wouldn’t be that difficult to find a bunk bed according to your budget. 

Or, if you don’t like the available design, you can also go for custom designs and get a bed according to your child’s interests and personality. You can add cool features; get a custom size according to your preference or area coverage in your room. Further, you can get a bed with storage, or a slide installed; also, you can personalize it with your kid’s favorite

superhero like BEN 10, SUPERMAN, and BATMAN etc.

All of these features mentioned above may or may not be available in a ready-made bunk bed. You might find some in a bed, but some of the features will still be missing. Customizing Bunk beds saves you from this problem, and your boys will get more room for the play area.

Give Bedrooms a new look and make it a Happy Place

Bunk beds are in trend these days, and it never goes out of fashion. Your kid’s wish list definitely has a bunk bed on it. They might see it somewhere, or one of their classmates has it, or they just like it.

There’s an unexplainable charm of the top bunk or the lure of literally ‘climbing’ into bed. Apart from saving up the room space, bunk beds give the room a new cool look. 

Whenever your children friends visit them, they will definitely praise the bunk bed in their room, which would make your kids happy. What else do you want?

Save Space with Cool Bunk Beds 

Bunk beds are trendy in modern homes because of their space-saving benefits. They are an excellent choice for small rooms which needs more space. It would be difficult to accommodate a simple bed in a compact room. It wouldn’t look good, plus it takes up all the space leaving no room for other stuff like study tables, wardrobes, and other furniture in your boy’s bedroom. Save precious floor area in your bedrooms and get a bunk bed now.

A perfect bunk bed will solve all of your problems related to storage and space. When you have kids sharing a room, then stacking up the beds in the vertical direction is a helpful hack. You can order your custom bed from studio 54. They deal in the type of quality bedroom furniture. Utilize the extra space in a room for something practical like a study or play area. Bunk beds are helpful as kids these days spend more time indoors and attending online classes due to COVID.

Bunk Beds Come With Lessons of Sharing

Bunk beds are a great tool to start your children learns early, sharing lessons. They may naturally gravitate towards either the lower or upper bunk, depending on your child’s personality. Your kids can enjoy their personal space even though they are sharing a room.

Parents can teach their children to develop a sharing system. It will also provide them with the ability to accommodate others’ needs.

Designs of Beds That Prioritize Safety

Do not forget to consider the bunk bed’s safety features when you’re looking for bunk bed designs for your children’s room. Carefully note the slant and support of the ladder or stairs of the bunk bed. Make sure it does not have sharp corners or edges. 

Ensure the side against the wall has a safety railing. Follow all the necessary precautions while assembling a bunk bed. The upper bunk on both sides should always be equipped with sturdy handrails of a good height for safety.

A soft light, a carpeted floor would be best in a room with a bunk bed as the kid on the upper bunk might want to get down, and light will help him and save him from any injury. The upper bunk of the bunk bed is not suitable for children under six years old.

If you are looking for the best home furniture, then studio 54 should be your first choice. They got all types of bedroom furniture, including bunk beds. Both ready-made and custom made furniture are available at affordable pricing.


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