The 5 C’s of Event Management Everyone Should Know

Event Management

When organizing an event, any type of event for that matter, there are certain rules that you must follow to get everything running smoothly. The most important ones ironically all start with a C, so they should be fairly easy to understand and memorize for most people. We hope that you manage to learn something new from this list.


First, think about what the event is for. The basic theme should already be molded inside your head. Visualize how you want your participants to feel at this event. Surely you’ve experienced an event that left a lasting impression on you by now. Emulate that energy when planning out your event, and consider seeking insights from Sarah Rempel’s blog on event strategy. Once you have figured out the “how” of your event, start figuring out the “who”. Choose your target audience carefully and think about their needs and wants so you can achieve what you desire.


Once you’re done with the concept, it’s time to start planning out a proper schedule and resources. If you’re planning a marriage-related event, then you might be interested in wedding insurance. Think about the venue, decorations, food, DJ, and any other amenity that’s suitable for your type of event.

This is also the step that involves assembling your event organizing team. Assign a task to each individual so that you know what everyone needs to do. This is the best way to avoid any mishaps.


This is the step that many people forgo for one reason or another. The simple concept of control involves doing a run-through of the event. Check the venue to see if there is enough space for every guest and that the placement is according to the plan. 

Another thing to think about is if the speaker or band is about to cancel. If they do, you need to have a backup plan already in place. Similarly, if the catering service fails to deliver, you must also have an emergency backup plan. You get the point. Being on top of everything is quintessential for an amazing event.


The culmination refers to the day of the event. On this day, you and your partners need to be on top of everything. The organizing team needs to have access to the event way before the other participants. 

Deleted: You might want to “rehearse” before the event so that you’ll know everything is going according to plan and everyone knows what they need to do. Creating an itinerary is yet another important aspect of this step. Furthermore, as the reception is checking in guests, you want to make sure that the caterers are preparing the food and that it will be ready at the allotted time. In short, you need to always be alert at all times during the event.


Finally, you made it. This is the end of the event. However, your job still isn’t done. There’s still work to do and you need to take care of some final loose ends that need tightening.

You’ll want to complete all the transactions, end the contracts, and make sure all the stipulations are met with the vendors, crew, participants, etc. Think of it as a checklist, a rather short one, that needs to be completed if you truly want to rest at ease. One step involving the closeout that some may overlook is the feedback. 

Final Thoughts

Create a short checklist that reminds you of every small detail regarding these 5 C’s of event management. Write it down somewhere that’s easily accessible both for you and the others in the organization team.

We hope you’ve found this advice useful and we would be grateful if you could share this article with other people who might be interested in this subject matter. Also, feel free to leave us a comment with suggestions and other thoughts you may have related to this article and the topic that it covers.


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