Fashion Nova’s Huge Contribution Towards Peace4Kids’ ROCMove Initiative

Fashion Nova’s Huge Contribution

Peace4Kids’ ROCMove Initiative is a multigenerational program led by women seeking to support youths in foster care by giving them a platform to air their voices, heal their trauma, and secure a great future.

Fashion Nova, a world-leading fast fashion brand, through the Fashion Nova Cares program, launched an initiative during Women’s History Month, March, known as Women on Top. This initiative offered scholarships, donations, and grants to female-based businesses, educational institutions, charities, and organizations.

The donations cumulatively amounted to $1M. Different beneficiaries received their share of funds of $25,000 or above based on their needs.

Peace4Kids’ ROCMove Initiative, led primarily by women and girls, was among the highly rewarded beneficiaries as it received donations amounting to $100,000.

This hefty donation aimed to help the ROCMove initiative uplift its media and interactivity training to highlight stories of resilience, transformation, and power revolving around youths in foster care in South Los Angeles.

The L.A-based initiative fuels the idea that youths living under foster care need equal opportunities to connect with people and participate in creating the community.

Fashion Nova’s huge donation will help put the initiative in a better place to provide ideal tools for foster youths to navigate past trauma while still helping them secure a productive future.

The donation was made in conjunction with Fashion Nova’s activism and awareness campaigns.


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