The Best Hiring Process to Transport Your Car to Hawaii


If you have decided to relocate or go on vacation in Hawaii, it would help to have a car around to get around the Island. However, moving your belongings like your car to Hawaii can be a bit difficult since it is not a contiguous state. Fortunately, it is possible to ship your car to Hawaii from the mainland. In this article, we will talk about The Best Hiring Process to Transport Your Car to Hawaii.

Why You Should Hire an Auto Transport Company to Transport Your Car

While many think of it as an option, it is impossible to drive a vehicle from the mainland to Hawaii. The only feasible way is to use hire an auto shipping company to help with the transportation of your car. 

A good auto shipping company will take away the stress of your big move to Hawaii so you can focus on other important things. All you need to do is drop your car at the port and then collect it at your location in Hawaii. 

The Car Shipping Process to Hawaii 

Want to transport your car to Hawaii? Here is a guide to the whole shipping process. 

1. Hire an Auto Transport Shipping Company

When it comes to transporting your car from the mainland to Hawaii, you cannot do it on your own. You need to hire the services of a professional auto shipping company to help with your move to Hawaii. 

With so many auto shipping companies, finding the most suitable for your needs and budget can be daunting. To ensure that the whole shipping process is seamless and done professionally, a good auto transport company should have NAT-certified truckers that are qualified at handling vehicles of all sizes.

Fortunately, there are reliable auto transport shipping companies that offer exceptional service at competitive prices. Before you hire them, you can use their online shipping calculator to get a quote. You can then proceed with booking the shipping.

2. Present Documents and Fill Paperwork

Once you have hired an auto shipping company of your choice, you will need to present them with the necessary documents. Usually, the clearance and documentation you need to provide include: 

  • Current registration of the car;
  • Valid license;
  • Picture ID 
  • The vehicle’s original title. However, if you have leased the vehicle, you need to provide a letter from the lienholder showing that they have authorized you to ship the vehicle;
  • Certification of safety inspection;
  • Information of the person dropping the car at the port;
  • Set of car keys.

3. Drop the Vehicle at the Port

With all the necessary documents at hand, you now need to get your vehicle to the port. 

  • Port-to-Door Delivery

The most basic process for delivering your car at the port is port-to-door delivery. As the name suggests, this process involves dropping your car at the port and it will be shipped to your door in Hawaii.

  • Port-to-Port Delivery

You can also have your car dropped at the port for shipping. The auto shipping company will then drop it at a port in Hawaii for you to pick it up.

Dropping your car at the port is the cheapest method. If you cannot drop your car at the port yourself, consider hiring someone to do it on your behalf. You just need to ensure that they are 18 years or older and have the power of attorney that is signed by you as confirmation that the vehicle can be shipped.

However, if you leave far from the port and you can’t drive, hiring an auto transport carrier is a viable option. Although this can be expensive than dropping the car yourself, it is a good option if you can’t do it yourself.


Once your car is loaded, the shippers will transport it across the mainland and you can track the transportation online. Depending on the agreed delivery method, they will either drop your car at your Hawaii location or the port. 

5.Receiving Your Car

Once your car has arrived in Hawaii, the trucker and you will inspect the vehicle to determine if it sustained any damages during transportation. If the car is in good condition, you will be required to sign a bill of landing and the trucker will provide you with a copy of it.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Car to Hawaii?

Wondering- how much to ship a car to hawaii? Generally, the cost of shipping a car is higher than shipping a car from Hawaii. On average, the cost of transporting your car to Hawaii can cost anywhere between $1000 and $1500. 

The price range will depend on various factors such as type of vehicle, size of the vehicle, and departure port. Other factors include the time of the year, condition of the vehicle (operable or not running), the distance between the pick-up location and the delivery location, and the type of auto transport. 

When you are looking for auto shipping services to transport your car to Hawaii, it is vital to know that rates can change. That is why it is vital to seek quotes from auto shipping services to find the most competitive prices.

What are the Transport Services for Shipping a Car to Hawaii?

There are two ways that freighters can ship your vehicle to Hawaii: Open car hauler and closed car hauler.

  • Open Car Hauler

This method involves loading up cars on the hauler in rows. This is the main shipping method and it quite affordable. However, it leaves your car out in the open and this exposes it to elements that may affect it during transportation.

  • Closed Car Hauler

In this shipping method, the trucker loads up cars in an enclosed hauler that offers complete protection from outside elements. The cost of shipping a car to hawaii through this method is high, making it a viable option for transporting classic or new cars.



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