5 Ideas to Give Your Home Personality

Home Personality

 When it comes to home design, we may not think of everything to use, or we may know what may look good for space as compared to another space in the home. We may not realize that using what we already have could be beneficial and may provide a nice touch. Evolve NV Management Team suggests to also incorporate new ideas in order to bring in some unique touches.

Regardless of how our homes look now, there will always be options available that can be incorporated to make them more presentable. This does not mean you have to put every effort into your home, but if you use our five ideas below, you’ll integrate ideas that you may not have known.

1. Install a Curved Sliding Door

Having curved sliding doors offers adaptability and can be incorporated into any home design. They can also be very innovative as they maintain their bend in the curved sliding door track. The curved effect becomes heightened when you combine it with a railing or outdoor balconies that provide a panoramic view. Today, the curved sliding door is getting more recognition by homeowners who are looking for unique designs as well as becoming a go-to remedy by many architects.

2. Get Rid of the Old

When you are planning to add to your home, you need to have space for it, which means you need to de-clutter your home and get rid of old items that have no real meaning to you. Tackle the areas that you have always meant to clean up but have always put it off for another day.

Put your fear aside and dive into your closets and toss the items that you have been saving since grade school. If you think it has a great amount of sentimental value, then store it in storage. However, make sure to determine if items truly do hold the value that is worth holding onto. Decide if it has been too long since you used it last. If it has, then it will likely need to be tossed.

3. Maintain a Loving Bedroom

Oftentimes, we are in such a hurry that all we do is throw the covers over the bed and call it good. However, it would be a lot better if you took a few extra minutes to create a bedroom that is both relaxing and appealing.

To create a relaxed atmosphere, try incorporating a nice throw and a few cushions to the bed. You can save a lot of money by recycling any old sheets or curtains and turning them into a couple of throw blankets or pillows. If you decide on a pillow or two, remember to make them alluring by keeping them looking full. Make sure that your pillow cushions are spread out.

For couples, try dedicating a section of your bedroom to each other. Hang memories that you have together and showcase the love that you both have for each other.

Every morning prior to leaving, give your bedroom a nice spray of freshness with a perfume such as citrus, sandalwood, rose, or jasmine. All of these will be able to provide inspired happiness.

4. Bring in a Flower Infusion

Incorporating flowers into your home does not always have to wait for a special occasion. You can easily head to the grocery store and infuse them into a hallway, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Research has shown that flowers have the ability to elevate social interactions, lower the amount of depression, and improve memory. There is a multitude of flower species you can use such as carnations, roses, orchards, and Calla lilies.

If you want, you can also place a single flower from a bouquet and set them around your home.

5. Allow the Kitchen to Be the Focal Point

Your home’s kitchen should be the focal point of the home. Not only does it serve a purpose but it should also convey an inviting atmosphere for relaxing.

With a fragrance to the kitchen, you are able to create an inviting welcome to all who enter, whether it’s by brewing coffee or baking some fresh bread. These smells will wrap around you the moment you walk in. Bring in some incense such as cinnamon to help spark childhood memories of baking cookies with mom.


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