Top 9 Manly Street Foods to Add to Your Bucket List

Street Foods Bucket List

Top 9 Manly Street Foods to Add to Your Bucket List. One of the best things about traveling is the opportunity to try out different delicacies and food. Food can describe a culture and gives insight into the lifestyle and history of a community.

Whatever country you go to, street food is always a popular choice because of various reasons. Aside from being cheaper than a restaurant, you’ll get the experience of authentic local cuisines. When you are travelling on a budget, this street food gives you plenty of choices.

Many street foods are delicious and tasty. It will definitely give value to your money. What’s more, you are supporting local businesses because many of these food vendors are living in the area. It is also a good option if you need food on the go. Because street foods are often cooked in front of you, you get to see how these vendors prepare and cook their food.

When you love travelling to exotic places, eating street food can be a challenge, but this is the best way to have the first-hand experience of their culture. Here is a list of street food you should include in your bucket list.

Mopane Worms

Mopane worms can be found in South Africa. It is a favourite snack among the locals and can be cooked or eaten raw. It is rich in protein as well as calcium and iron. Mopane worm is a huge caterpillar from the Emperor moth family. You can either eat it like fries, eat it raw or mix it with some sauce.

Fertilized Duck Egg

One of the favourite street foods in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, fertilized duck egg is a must-try. Known as hot vit lon in Vietnam, the egg is boiled and eaten directly from the shell. Depending on the country, you can add salt, vinegar, lime juice, herbs, and pepper for added flavour. It’s like eating a boiled egg but a bit of texture.

Masala Dosa

Famous in Southern India, masala dosa is a favourite street food among locals and tourists. It consists of simple ingredients, ground lentils, and fermented rice batter. It will then be left overnight and, when cooked, create a soft, crispy texture. The masala dosa will be served with chutney or sambar. The spices and texture make the food a crowd favourite.

Kottu Roti

A popular Sri Lankan street dish where chopped bread made from godamba roti, scrambled egg, onions, spices, and meat are mixed together and served with curry. The dish is aromatic and is a wonderful anti-hangover option after a night out. Aside from the flavor, watching the vendor with their metal blades is mesmerizing.


A seafood dish from Peru consists of raw fish in cubes marinated in citrus juice, which then will cure the meat. Once the fish meat is cured, it will then serve with various seasonings such as cilantro, onions, chilies, pepper, and salt. Ceviche is served fresh, accompanied by potatoes, avocados, or bananas, and is a national dish of Peru.


Sannakji is a Korean term for wriggling octopus. This traditional dish is made from raw baby octopus with sesame oil. Because the octopus is chopped fresh and serve immediately, you can see movements and twitching. Sannakji can be found in many Korean food stalls and is perfect with ssamjang and tea. Sannakjii has a salty, chewy, and slimy texture. Make sure to chew more than your usual to avoid suffocation from the tentacles.

Fried Bugs

If you are travelling to Thailand, you should try their fried bugs which can be found anywhere. Bugs like the grasshopper, silkworm, bamboo worms, crickets, and giant water bugs are some of the variety you can find in many stalls. Before frying these bugs, they will usually wash them a couple of times to remove any smell. Once it is deep-fried, you can mix in soy sauce and pepper for seasoning. Insects are rich in protein and low in calories.


Isaw is a very popular street food in the Philippines, the go-to food for many students because it’s cheap. Isaw is made from chicken or pig intestines. It is usually boiled and then grilled on sticks. Once cooked, it will be covered with sweet sauce, or you can dip it in vinegary spices. The intestines are cleaned thoroughly to remove bacteria and smell.


Not really an exotic type of food, currywurst, however, is a must-try. Popular in Germany, particularly in Berlin, this is delicious street food with an unusual combination. Currywurst is pork sausages served with fries and covered in curry-ketchup sauce.

These manly street foods will definitely be a tool for exploration. However, if some delicacies and street foods are too much for you, just find any manly burgers around the corner and heart for comfort.



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