10 Myths About Cigarette Smoking

10 Myths About Cigarette Smoking
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Cigarettes have been in fashion for ages, and despite the advent of e-cigarettes, they still have not lost their touch. We all are always familiar with the harm it brings in the form of tar and nicotine, but it is a classic to smoke, and nothing artificial can ever replace the traditional burning of leaf content rolled in it. We always debate about the pros and cons of smoking while holding one in our hands. This time, we will go out of the way and talk about the 10 Myths About Cigarette Smoking. We will read about a few ones, which are as follows:

1.Women Outdo Men in Smoking

It is a myth, and women have never outdone men in smoking. A survey stated that it flows one way, but men streaked out women in smoking from the earliest times. The tobacco-related death rate has always been higher in men than women. Those affirming that women smoke more might only be showing their outrageous sexist and ignorant sides. 

2.Effect of Smoking Quitting Campaigns on Socio-Economic Smokers 

Smoking dominance information has demonstrated two things: 

  • The proportion of people who have smoked.
  • The proportion of people who quit. 

By looking at the most disadvantaged party, we discover that a far higher number start smoking than their counterparts. It has also been seen that people keep smoking because of others and not because they can’t quit it. 

3.Smoking is a Pleasurable Activity

Several studies have stated that about 90 percent of people regret starting to smoke, and around 40 percent try each year to quit this habit. You will not find any other product with such customer disloyalty. Heavy smokers would often attempt to explain that they smoke for pleasure, and stopping them would be anti-hedonistic efforts. 

Pleasure is only for those who do occasional smoking or smoking for a while. It will rob you of the joy on the next drag. It is similar to get beaten each day and want to continue because it feels good after a while—that’s absurd. 

You will still see several cigarette box designs that talk about the harm of smoking in style. Dunhill comes in a sleek, black design that feels like a treat to the eye and mouth. 

4.Rolling Own Cigs is Natural 

People smoking rollies would often tell you that it is better and natural than factory-made because they have chemical additives. Remember that tobacco is tobacco. This myth took place when New Zealand officials ordered tobacco companies to share reports on cigarette additives. Rollies are preserved in flavoring and humectant substances.

5.Schizophrenia Smokers

It is somewhat true that people with psychological issues will smoke more, but it is a myth that all people with schizophrenia smoke. It was often shown in media reports that about 90 percent of schizophrenics smoke, and this inaccuracy is intolerant. 

6.Everyone is Aware of Smoking Hazards

It exists at four levels: 

  1. Knowing that smoking increases health risks.
  2. Being wary of particular conditions smoking causes.
  3. Precisely acknowledging the meaning, severity, and chances of contracting tobacco-related illnesses. 
  4. Individually agreeing that smoking risks inherent in the previous points is because of own choice. 

# 1 is quite common but the knowledge fades as we move up. A lot of people do not even know # 2 to # 4 exists. So, it is a myth we know about the threats cigarettes pose. 

7.Air Pollution is Behind Lung Cancer

It is evident that air pollution is a severe health risk. But people do not consider natural particulate matter like pollen and soil dusts and take only industrial and vehicle pollution into account. Cities where industrial and vehicle pollution is curbed also witness people with lung cancer. Smoking is a major cause behind lung cancer in the least polluted areas too. 

8.Smokers Live into Old Age

It is similar to saying that five out of six participants of the lethal Russian roulette are claiming that pointing a loaded gun to their head and shooting it brings no harm. Only ignorant people make such claims. 

9.Filtered Cigarettes Purify It

We have come across cig butts with brown stains and you can guess how much of it enters our body and stays in there. You can experiment by smoking one through the tissue paper and the brown stain will narrate the rest of the story. There is always an amount of residue despite reduced quantity. 

10.Tobacco Companies Care About Smokers

Unlike other companies where people would like their customers to live, tobacco companies desire that their items do not kill so many people but still praise the nicotine for its power over many. 

In the End

In this article, we can see that there are so many myths revolving around cigarette smoking, and no matter what they say, it is still harmful and can affect your health. Have happy smoking!



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