Lucrative professions of today

Lucrative professions of today
Lucrative professions of today

Lucrative professions of today. The last decade has seen catalytic changes at European, global and global economic, technological and social levels. Both education and labour market assessments fail to anticipate these changes and the new conditions that are so often occurring worldwide.

It is widely accepted that the future labour market is based on a key threefold approach: inclinations, skills and innovation. Especially the skills are considered by many scholars and organizations that in many cases of professions and scientific disciplines will exceed the “degrees” in the search for a job or in the professional development of the individual. However, one of the key issues in the future job market is the specializations that will be sought after and with better employment prospects. So what are these specializations of the professions that will play a leading part in the future?

Data Scientists

Whether we refer to experts dealing with the E.T.L. (Extract | Load | Transform) or with the D.A.D. (Discover | Access | Distill), data is the “gold coin” of our time. With countless applications from marketing and management to energy management and sports, Data Scientists – Engineers – Architects – Administrators, and Statistics are the scientists and professionals that will soon be needed in dozens of industries and even in medium-sized companies to properly implement either an IT & Business combination or through data quality & data integration fields to extract useful findings for research and other purposes

Agricultural Engineers

The rapid growth of the world population, combined with the growing need for agricultural production, makes it more important than ever to utilise engineering in the primary sector, especially in agricultural systems. The big bet on sustainability in agriculture, more efficient management of agricultural land, and better quality products is a challenge for both agricultural engineering and biosystems engineering.

Therefore, the conducive application and utilisation of technology in agriculture is a springboard for managing and covering needs locally and internationally. Graduates of the Departments of Agriculture, Biosystems Engineers and broader geotechnical specialities are the specialised scientists who will be able to staff the field of agricultural engineering after acquiring innovative and practically applicable knowledge and techniques.

UX Designers

Design based on a positive user experience is not just limited to a functional site or application. It is much more than that. Trends show that in order to have a positive UX (User Experience) in a product or service, elements such as research, testing, business analysis, project management and even psychology must precede it before we reach the final result, which can be from a site with an online booking system up to, e.g. a smartphone which, however, can practically be the main occupation of tomorrow’s UI Designer (User interface) and less of the UX Designer. This specialist aims to maximize the positive user experience and, for this reason, should compose a fairly interdisciplinary background.

Voice actors

We are talking about a profession that we would characterize as timeless. The profession of voice actor will play an important role (pun intended) in the way in which the entertainment product is created and presented, which offers tremendous flexibility and opportunities for creativity. It is a profession that uses technology’s evolution to optimize the viewer experience, enhancing the existing material.

Although this profession has existed since the beginning of all traditional means of entertainment, such as television, radio and cinema, it continues to find new ways and new utilities that have been created through the internet, something that contributes to the continuous and upward course.

Anyone who possesses the talent and the techniques of creating the necessary sound material can practice this profession. The company Voquent, a voice acting agency, is constantly looking for new ambitious professionals who will join its large team, with competitive salaries and huge professional development opportunities.





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