The best honeymoon plans in Mykonos

best honeymoon plans

The best honeymoon plans in Mykonos. The moment you start organizing your honeymoon is definitely one of the most beautiful. Besides, it is a “cushion” that relieves the stress of preparing for the rest of the wedding process. Yes, you will be exhausted, but immediately after comes the long-awaited trip! And because this is not a trip, but a trip that you will remember for a lifetime, it is good to set from the beginning that destination that will guarantee you unforgettable experiences, a destination that will combine luxury and romance. A destination that definitely is part of your bucket list. We are talking, of course, about the magical island of Mykonos.

The most talked-about island in the Cyclades is an ideal destination for a bright honeymoon. Walks in the crystal clear labyrinthine alleys, endless shopping in Matogianni, wonderful gourmet restaurants waiting for you for an unforgettable gastronomic experience, luxury hotels on beautiful beaches for relaxation and romantic moments… for two!

Enjoy your dives on Platys Gialos and Elias’s beautiful beaches on the cosmopolitan beaches of KaloLivadi, Panormos, Paraga, Ftelia and Psarou, live the magical nights in the world famous bars and clubs. Mykonos also has impressive and pristine islets, which are worth visiting. These are some of the hundreds of places you can visit during your honeymoon, but what other activities can you try to make the most of the happiest vacation of your life?

Seeing the sights

After admiring the much-photographed Milous, visit ParaportianiChora, a complex of churches named after its location between the sea and the castle side door. It is no coincidence that the pioneering architect Le Corbusier was so fascinated by its exemplary architecture that he wrote: “Now I know I have not built anything worthwhile.”

Mykonos also has an Archaeological Museum (in the port), a Folklore Museum (in Chora) and a Maritime Museum (in TriaPigadia).

Visit the local beaches

As for beaches, be sure to go to the cosmopolitan Psarou, the stylish KaloLivadi beach, the quiet Agia Anna beach and the diminutive but beautiful Paraga beach. Paradise and Super Paradise style beaches are best avoided unless you want something on a beach with more club rhythm.

Eating out

Be sure to book a table at Sea Satin in Chora, below the Mills, for amazing fish and delicious “loukoumades”. For more traditional Mykonian food, visit the tavern Nikolas in Agia Anna of Paraga. If you still love Japanese cuisine, you will find one of the most famous restaurants on the island, Matsuhisa (at the Belvedere Hotel).

Other things to do on the island

After relaxing for the first few days in the luxurious space where you live, it will be good to explore the famous island for a while. Apart from the narrow alleys in Chora, which you will definitely enjoy one by one from your first night, going in and out of the famous Fashion Houses and bars or admiring the sunset while holding the cocktail in a bar in little Venice, it would be good to see some special attractions of the island. Taste special flavors in unique restaurants, enjoy the sea on idyllic beaches and fill your mind with endless images of white houses and hidden churches with blue wooden doors.

Where to stay

Finally, the choice of your accommodation is crucial during your honeymoon. Definitely expect to hear accommodation suggestions that include luxury hotels, but what we really recommend is renting a luxury villa. Renting a luxury villa, you will enjoy all these fantastic possibilities of a real home, which offers you true freedom, suppleness and privacy. Enjoy the highly romantic and enchanting view of the Aegean from your balcony, cuddle with your partner and experience this wonderful life that unfolds before your eyes. A honeymoon is not yet a typical trip for you. It is the journey of your life, and that is why you have to do everything in your power to make it extraordinary. By renting one of the hundreds of Mykonos villas, you will be able to rent your dream home without having to share it with anyone other than your partner. For a new life that starts with you two exclusively.


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