Looking For A Brighter Smile?

Looking For A Brighter Smile

Nothing beats a good smile. It’s an unmatched tool that enhances social interactions and has profound effects. Although a types of smiles is a simple gesture, it comprises several things. Your dentition and oral health are the biggest part. However, oral odour also contributes to the reception of your smile. If you are looking for a brighter smile, here are a few solutions.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Hygiene is the single most important factor to keep in check if you desire a good smile. Teeth are susceptible to decay, discolouration and trauma. These factors compromise oral health and consequently erode the aesthetics of your smile. Preventive dentistry aims at maintaining good oral health and ensuring your smile is as good as it can be. The field involves several practices

Tooth Brushing

Brushing your teeth regularly prevents the development of tooth caries. Moreover, it curbs tooth discolouration. Ideally one should brush at least twice a day following meals. However, special circumstances may call for more regular attention to teeth. Each brushing session should last at least 2-3 minutes and soft bristle toothbrushes are the recommended tool.


Tooth brushing is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene. Flossing is a necessary adjunct that ensures teeth are free of tartar and all surfaces of the enamel are cleared. Dentists recommend flossing at least once a day to maintain good oral hygiene. Flossing should be done before brushing your teeth for the best outcome.


Mouthwash solutions are used to clean the oral cavity and get rid of offensive odour. Some solutions also have tooth whitening properties that get rid of discolouration. However, they should be used under dentist’s advice.

Professional Tooth Cleaning and Whitening

Professional tooth cleaning is a great solution for maintaining good oral hygiene. It’s a simple thorough procedure that yields immediate results. Specialized tools are used to ensure the results meet professional standards.  Tooth whitening is also available as a day procedure. Dental bleach is used on the enamel to whiten the surface and clear any discolouration.

Correct Dentition

The layout of your teeth and their appearance determines the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Minute tooth misalignment has a great effect on the appearance of a smile. There are several interventions available for missing, damaged and misaligned teeth.


These are orthodontic devices designed to align and straighten teeth. They are used to manage crowding and also fix gaps. Braces come in different designs. Metal wired plates and self-ligating braces have the same appearance but the latter utilizes clips rather than elastic bands. Invisalign braces have the most distinct design as they use custom-made plastic aligners. The braces are popular due to their inconspicuous design


Dental veneers are tooth coloured shells installed on the front of teeth surface to enhance appearance. They alter the shape of teeth and are permanently bound on the enamel to fix chipped, discoloured or broken teeth. Veneers are designed from resin composite materials or porcelain.

Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth can be replaced with surgically implanted teeth. These are artificial teeth designed with a titanium post drilled to the jaw bone and covered with a crown. Dental implants are installed to restore bite function, enhance facial tissues and restore a confident smile.

Avoid Destructive Practices

There are numerous practices that are destructive to teeth. Avoiding these practices is enough to maintain a healthy smile. Here are some practices you should avoid to maintain healthy teeth

Sugary Foods

Sugar has destructive effects on the enamel. It promotes bacterial damage and leads to the development of dental cavities. Consumption of sugary food is one of the leading causes of tooth cavities and cutting back on consumption has far-reaching effects.


Tobacco smoking greatly compromises oral health. It causes tooth discolouration, dental cavities and gingivitis. Smoking undermines the immunity of the oral cavity causing a cascade of destructive processes. It’s a habit that is highly discouraged by all dental practitioners.

Oral care and dental interventions offer the perfect recipe for a good smile. All these procedures are readily available. Talk to your dentist in Maroubra and find out how your smile can be restored or enhanced.





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