How to Choose the Right Tub for Your Bathroom?


Undoubtedly, there’s nothing more comfortable than unfurling in a bathtub full of warm water after a long and tiresome day! And that’s why more and more people are now getting bathtubs installed in their bathroom.

Furthermore, having a bathtub with the best freestanding tub filler is the easiest hack to spruce up your bathroom’s appearance. 

But how to choose a bathtub? What to look for in a bathtub before buying it?

A bathtub doesn’t come cheap, so there’s no chance you can go wrong with it. Here’s a detailed guide that’ll help you choose the right bathtub for your bathroom.

1. Types of Tubs

The first thing you need to consider is the type of bathtub. Modern bathtubs are available in a wide range of options varying from alcove to freestanding and corner. 

Check out these popular tub types that look good in any modern bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub 

No doubt these bathtubs look great when installed with an amazing freestanding tub filler. Freestanding bathtubs can fit in almost all bathrooms, as there’s no need to attach them to the wall. 

Furthermore, they look vibrant and can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom while rewarding you with a soothing bath. 

3-wall alcove bathtub 

These bathtubs are installed adjacent to three walls and are typically wider than other tub types. If you need a bathtub where you can use a shower as well, go for an alcove bathtub. 

Corner bathtub 

As it is evident from the name, corner bathtubs fit in the corner of the bathroom. If your bathroom has limited space, it’d be great to invest in a corner tub. 

Ideal for relaxation therapy, these tubs are similar to hot tubs that you find in the saunas. 

Walk-in bathtubs 

Do you live with your parents or someone in the house is elderly? Well, going for a walk-in bathtub will be a great idea. Furthermore, these tubs can accommodate a shower chair that’s suitable for people with disabilities. 

Overall, everyone in the house can use this bathtub with convenience, so it can be a great choice.

2. Materials 

The material defines the tub’s durability, so there is no chance you can go wrong with it. Bathtubs are made using a range of materials with varying durability.

Here are the common materials you’ll come across when searching for a tub.


When multiple layers of cast iron are combined with porcelain enamel and powdered glass, it results in durable porcelain. The non-porous material reduces the risk of mold formation, and the tub will not deteriorate or warp over time.

However, porcelain is quite delicate and cannot withstand heavy impacts. You will also see some noticeable blemishes on the tub but cleaning them is easy.


Built to last longer, acrylic bathtubs are a fantastic option if you have kids. The material feels more like high-quality plastic, and it doesn’t crack easily. Moreover, acrylic is resistant to chipping and can withstand heavy impacts.


You will find most of the cheapest bathtubs made using fiberglass. The material is durable but prone to chipping after some time. Furthermore, it can break down when it comes in contact with high blows or impacts.


If you want your bathroom to look lavish, go for a bathtub made using ceramic. The material is non-porous and doesn’t let stains and blemishes stand. However, the material isn’t very durable as compared to acrylic and porcelain.

3. Size 

The size of the bathtub depends on how big your bathroom is! Modern bathtubs come in a range of options with different sizes. It’d be great to measure your bathroom to ensure that the bathtub will fit perfectly without any space crunch. 

Check out this video to understand how a bathtub is measured. 

4. Weight 

Most people overlook the weight when buying a bathtub. However, checking the gross weight is essential as not all floors can accommodate a heavy tub. If the floor of your bathroom isn’t reinforced, go for a lightweight tub. 

On the other hand, if you need a heavy and big tub, strengthen the bathroom floor before installing the bathtub. 

5. Ease of Installation 

Do you want to install the bathtub yourself? Or are you ready to hire a technician with it? Well, the choice of bathtub will affect who’ll be installing it. 

Usually, modern tubs support DIY installation. However, it is essential to make sure that you can install the tub easily. 

6. Brand 

Always go for a branded bathtub to get excellent after-sales services. Several prominent brands out there, including Jaguar, Cera, sell amazing tubs for every bathroom.

7. Budget 

The last thing you should consider is the budget! Keep a budget in mind to avoid overspending. Buying a bathtub comes with additional expenses as well, such as freestanding tub filler and other such accessories with it to complete the installation.

Final Thoughts 

With this detailed guide, you can choose the right tub for your bathroom. Make a list of tubs you like, and then compare them based on these factors. 

Lastly, make sure to go with a branded option only to get a durable and stylish tub to enjoy a relaxing bath every day.


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