Improve your core strength with a pilates instructor in 2021

Improve core strength pilates

2021 hasn’t been the best year, but do you want to hear some positive news? I assume everyone said yes and even if you didn’t, then this will still be worth reading. Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity or time to get out of the house. I know the feeling and it’s frustrating. You want to run, climb and jump, whatever you’re into because you want to keep fit and healthy. Here are tips to Improve your core strength with a pilates instructor in 2021.

 However, the truth is that you can still get a killer and healthy physique by using a pilates instructor and working on your core. But why focus on your core strength and what do you need to look for?

Why focus on your core?

A lot of people focus on their upper body or other areas of their physique, but what many people forget, including myself, is that your core is by far the most important feature of your body. 

But why?

Your core is pretty much connected to most of the muscles in your body. From your pelvis to your lower back. The truth stands is that if your core is weak, you are more likely to get injured. 

Not only will it help you with this but it will refine your posture. Once you start focusing on your core, it will provide you with a lot more ease and athleticism to master all forms of physical activity


Sometimes, before we start a new physical activity, such as surfing, it can be a little nerve racking and we never quite know how our bodies will respond to it. Strengthening your core is applicable to all forms of exercise and will only help your balance. 

Picture you instead of Rocky in all of those classic 80’s montages. But just like Rocky, he came from somewhere in his physical activity journey. He probably worked on his core a lot

This seems like a good reason why you want to work on it and if it doesn’t, watch Rocky. You can thank me later. 

More importantly, here comes the solution that you have been waiting for. 

Picking your pilates instructor

Put the Rocky gloves aside and start searching!

If you search for pilates instructors on the web, you will get thousands of results. It’s kinda mind numbing and overwhelming. Here is the key search term. 

Search for West London private lessons for the optimum experience. As mentioned in the keywords, you can book private lessons and learn at your own pace. You will be able to look for instructors that can do zoom/skype lessons or do  face to face lessons.

Depending on levels of restrictions, there should be an option for you, if not it never hurts to do a bit of research and book ahead of time. 

That’s how you get ahead of the game. 

However, in order to really get ahead of the game. Make sure they have experience. With each instructor you will be able to read their bio. Understand their background and how they work. 

This will give you the perfect taste in knowing what to look for. 

To sum up

2021 may be the perfect year for you to build strength on your core and the best way to do this is through pilates. If you are new or even experienced, buying pilates equipment can be expensive and dangerous. 

Which is why an instructor is safe and affordable. A perfect combo, I must say. 

But the key tip to remember is to search for West London private pilate lessons. You will be met with instructors who really know what they are doing. 

Keep punching! 



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