Here’s How Acoustic Blankets Can Be Useful At Home

acoustic blankets

When you need to try soundproofing at home, blankets can be a great option.

They’re one of the best methods of soundproofing a room, but they’re definitely not the most expensive, so they’re a great option to consider!

Acoustic blankets are effective and have many different uses, so whether you’ve used them before in the workplace or you’re new to them entirely, they’re sure to help you out at home. Keep reading to find out how they can help you out.

Covering Floors and Ceilings

Are you living in an apartment, or have you got a home studio on one of the floors of your house?

If so, it’s easy to cover your floor with an acoustic blanket to soundproof the room. Likewise, you can do the same with your ceiling.

Blankets on the ceiling might sound a little odd, but it won’t take you too much time to pin a blanket to your ceiling. If you’ve got access to the room upstairs, you might put a rug or blanket on the floor too, to minimize sound as much as possible.

Covering Appliances and Furniture

Often, it can be home appliances that are making the noise. If so, you can cover them with acoustic blankets!

If your washing machine or dishwasher is distracting you, and the appliance’s manual doesn’t warn against it, feel free to cover it with an acoustic blanket.

You don’t need to cover the whole appliance; get a blanket under it, a blanket taped to the sides, and a blanket on top — they don’t have to be on too tightly.

It might also be a good idea to cover your furniture. Hard surfaces enable sound to travel around as sound waves bounce off them. Hence, a few blankets on tables, chairs, and cabinets can really help with soundproofing.

What About Doors and Windows?

When soundproofing a room, doors, in particular, can prove a little tricky. It’s easy for air (and sound) to pass through doors, but luckily blankets can help!

Glue or nail the blanket to the door and drape it over. However, this will damage the door, so unless you own your house just make sure that you obtain permission first! If you’re unsure, check out an application guide like this one for tips.

As for windows, soundproof blankets can be better than soundproof curtains. If you can find soundproof blankets with grommets, you’ll be able to hang them on your curtain holders more easily — cover the windows as much as you can, with a particular focus on any air gaps.

Getting Started With Acoustic Blankets

As you can see, acoustic blankets come in extremely handy whether you’re building a soundproof home studio or just looking to cover a piece of furniture or two.

When buying them, there are a few things to consider. Think about the size of the blankets, as well as their thickness and density, and design too — not forgetting the price. There are plenty out there, so you’re sure to find the right blankets for you!

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