How to stop a dog from barking?

stop a dog from barking

Barking is the natural way dogs communicate. But sometimes incessant barking turns the life of the owners into hell. Before you start weaning your dog from this annoying habit, it is worth understanding the reason for this behavior. Read on more to know how to stop a dog from barking.

Common causes of barking:

  • boredom
  • in case of danger or concern
  • warning the enemy while protecting yourself, the owner or the territory
  • during illness (sometimes)
  • the consequences of improper upbringing
  • mental disorder
  • game process

Having identified the cause of the barking, you can begin to correct the unwanted behavior.


If your dog barks out of boredom, find something to do. Get her interested in learning new commands. Take time to exercise every day. Get smart toys. If the dog barks when left at home, the DogRook bark collar and smart toys will come to the rescue.

Attention and training is the best way to correct unwanted dog behavior. Remember that most of the times your dog barks – is normal. It is worth taking any action only if the barking becomes excessive and inexplicable.

Danger or worry

If the cause of anxiety or fear cannot be eliminated at the moment, then distract the dog from the stimulus that is now affecting its barking. To do this, offer your pet food or a game, talk to him in a calm, even voice. As soon as the dog is distracted and stops barking, praise him.

Protecting yourself or your territory

Self-defense is a basic function of any living being, and in this case, barking is a normal reaction. In this case, you just need to calm the dog down. If the dog has not been trained to protect the owner or the territory and this behavior does not suit you, then start training the dog for endurance.


Rarely, but still it happens that a dog often barks due to the fact that it is worried about pain or something is wrong with its health. See your veterinarian to rule out this option.

The consequence of improper parenting

The most common reason. If the barking of a dog was previously ignored, then it develops into a habit. In this situation, you can contact a dog handler or use DogRook bark collar, which is very similar to each other. The dog handler will tell you when to praise and when to punish the dog. DogRook bark collar works on its own. When barking, he squeaks or vibrates, which distracts the dog and teaches him to behave quietly.

Mental disorder

It happens that the dog has experienced terrible moments in life or the previous owners made gross mistakes in education. In this case, the best solution would be to contact a zoopsychologist.

Game process

Barking while playing with other dogs or humans is absolutely normal and does not require weaning. in this way the dog throws out his emotions and share them with a person or a relative. It is not worth suppressing the dog’s emotions, otherwise the accumulated emotions may begin to spill out at the most inopportune moment.

If your dog continues to bark, see your veterinarian for additional advice or even suggest another method of correction.


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