Factors to Consider In a Tattoo Artist on Maui

Tattoo Artist on Maui

 The first thing you look for when you want to know more about a company is its image. How well they portray themselves may determine the quality of their services. In this case, the probability of getting a perfectly designed tattoo in a well-maintained tattoo shop is higher. Don’t expect a top-quality job from a shady shop. Here are Factors to Consider In a Tattoo Artist on Maui.

If you are a newbie, identifying the ideal tattoo shop can be quite challenging. So, take time to do your research. You could try sourcing information from family and friends who have had tattoos done before.

With that said, here are some of the factors you can use as a head start when choosing an ideal shop for a  tattoo artist on Maui

  • Cleanliness and sterilization

The art involves the use of needles and ink to design images on your skin. During this procedure, Tuberculosis, STIs, and other bacteria can be easily transmitted. 

This is the main reason why your tattoo artist should always use clean and sterilized apparatus. Likewise, the cleanness and tidiness of the workplace are something you would want to consider. Also, make sure that the shop is licensed and the license is up to date. 

Licensing of a tattoo parlor requires the artist to have mastered the art to perfection including passing a bacteriology test. Plus, every big studio must have sterilizing equipment like an autoclave for disinfecting multiple tools.

  • Portfolio

The fact that a portfolio carries all the necessary information about the inking studio, can also give you a clear insight into what to expect from them. If their portfolio doesn’t entice you, chances are you might not like their job. 

For example, if you need a Hawaiian, Chinese, or any traditional Color Tattoo and the portfolio of your chosen artist don’t inspire you, you should consider going somewhere else. Additionally, your preferred studio should also be willing to accommodate the part of your body where you want the piece done. 

For example, you may want a piece on your private part, but this might not be acceptable from the portfolio. See this link to find out why you need a portfolio https://guyanachronicle.com/2020/02/09/the-importance-of-a-portfolio/ 

  • Reputation

This is one of the best ways of finding out how good or bad your ink artist is. Keeping in mind what other people are saying about the quality of services offered by the studio is important. 

You can always get this first-hand information by going through various online customer reviews.

Also, if you have close friends who have visited the place before, we suggest you enquire more about the place from them. Positive feedback is guarantee enough that what you pay for is what you will get.

  • Comfort and professionalism

Tattoos can be very painful and they may also bleed. For this reason, your designer should create an environment that is comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Some even go the extra mile to offer refreshments and soothing music to their clients to make them feel more at home. 

How they welcome you to the premises is also a key factor. A reputable inking studio will take time to listen and attend to your queries regardless of how lame your questions are. 

They will also take you through the entire process and make sure you feel comfortable enough. This type of assurance is a good sign that you made the right choice.

  • Is the artist a good fit?

Tattooing can take hours to complete depending on the design. You can use this moment to learn your designer better. What are their interests, their hangouts, their best designs, are they open-minded? 

These are some of the things you should find out about them. Going through their profile is an easy way of knowing more about their personalities and interest. 

Most professionals are always willing to share and listen to their client’s ideas. Click here to read more on how you can become a tattoo artist.


Once you have decided to get inked, there are various key things to consider before settling for a particular tattoo shop. Cleanness and safety should be top of your list. The last thing you want is to end up with an STI from using infected tools or worse a permanent scar. 

You should also consider choosing a design that complements both your style and personality. And, above all, choose professionalism over price.


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