Things to Do When Caught Up in a Hit and Run Accident

Things to Do Hit and Run Accident

In today’s bustling life, everyone is in a hurry. We almost forgot that any moment could be our final destination. As a result, drivers break traffic signals and drive carelessly on the wrong side of the road. Often, they get caught by traffic wardens, but most of the time, aggressive driving leads to accidents. Sometimes, pedestrians fall victim to these accidents, while at times, there are massive collisions between cars. Although governments are investing sums of money in road safety, the number of casualties keeps rising each year. Have you ever met an accident? Despite driving cautiously on the road, you can get hit by another car or truck driver. Luckily, responsible drivers collect information from each other, report the accident, and call for medical help, if necessary. However, things get worst when the driver runs away from the accident scene, making it a hit-and-run case. As the negligent party won’t be present at the accident scene, you have to prove that you weren’t at fault and deserve compensation. You have to do Things to Do Hit and Run Accident:-

In traditional liability cases, you have to track down the driver to recover losses from them. Otherwise, you can settle for a small compensation from the insurance company. Instead of making decisions in haste, try to make your case strong. You could take pictures of the scene, request people who saw the accident to become witnesses, or seek legal help. For instance, if you’re involved in a rear end car accident in Alabama, you’ll need to file a case as soon as possible. In order to establish a case for the highest potential compensation, it’s important that you speak with a Birmingham Rear End Car Accident Lawyer who specializes in matters involving traffic collisions. Here we are listing down six things you should do when caught up in a hit and run case. 

1. Seek Help from A Lawyer 

Undoubtedly, hit and run accidents are ruthless and traumatic, especially if you fail to track down the driver. You might have to plead with the insurance company for a small coverage that might not even cover repair costs. Therefore, it is always prudent to seek help from a lawyer and legally proceed with the case. Do you know any accident lawyers? If not, look out for reputable law firms in your region. 

If you are residing in Florida, check out the top Tampa personal injury law firms to hire the most competent lawyer. Proficient lawyers have expertise and knowledge about hit and run cases, proving liability in your civil case. Likewise, they would establish all legal requirements to show that the other driver was responsible for the hit-and-run accident. Once the court and insurance companies see liability, they would be ready to offer fair compensation for the damages. 

2. Understand Legal Requirements

Usually, when people see the driver has run away, they leave the accident scene and accept all losses. After all, finding the driver in a population of 331 million is next to impossible. Surprisingly, this can have legal consequences. It is a legal obligation for drivers involved in an accident to park their vehicles safely in most states. Although the negligent party has broken the law by running away, you have to stay careful. 

Moreover, you call your injury lawyer on the accident scene for better assistance. He/she would take through all legal regulations and protocols of hit and run case, ensuring you have to bear a minimal amount in damages. Besides, an attorney can also inspect the entire situation to understand what happened and build a strong civil case for you 

3. Get Medical Assistance 

Mostly, hit and run accidents lead to severe injuries, calling out for immediate medical assistance. Besides your lawyer, call 911 and head over to a nearby hospital immediately. Sometimes, excessive blood loss can create additional health issues, making the condition worse. However, if you are not sure of the extent of your injuries, consider receiving medical assistance at the accident scene. After all, you have to ensure there are no internal injuries that can affect cognitive functioning. 

Furthermore, getting medical assistance would also be beneficial for your legal case. The medical reports establish a link between the accident and your injuries, strengthening your case. If the driver is apprehended, your medical records will help you get fair compensation for all the damages

4. File a Police Report 

Honestly, it is never a great idea to take the law into your hands. Thus, take a moment to explain everything the police offers. It would prove you were present at the accident scene, which means it would be your word against the driver who ran away. Moreover, the police report can help you gain recovery from the hit-and-run driver. It would provide ground for an uninsured motorist claim, offering compensation for the medical damages. 

Besides, make sure you file the police report within 24 hours of the accident. You can ask officers about its availability to proceed with the procedure. Upon the officers’ approval, note down their names and badge numbers to obtain the report quickly once it is complete. 

5. Attempt to Identify the Other Driver 

Even though it is a crime to leave the accident scene, most hit-and-run drivers don’t get caught. If you are filing a police report, they will do their best to investigate and find a driver. Nevertheless, it is quite rare for police to catch hit-and-run drivers. So, why not provide useful leads to them? In addition to increasing their likelihood of finding the driver, you will get compensation for all the losses. Thus, immediately pen down all information you remember after the crash. 

You can mention any details you remember about the other vehicle, such as the color, model, license, or even partial license plate. Likewise, ask other drivers or pedestrians on the scene if they remember anything about the driver. Most importantly, it would help if you took pictures of the damage since there might be clues that could lead police to the driver. 

6. Try to Recover Damages 

Whether the hit and driver get caught or not, explore your compensation options. Firstly, look up for collision and uninsured motorist coverage to get coverage for at least some of your expenses. Collision coverage reimburses damages to your vehicle no matter who is at fault. In contrast, uninsured motorist coverage can compensate for your medical bills. However, you have to pay a deductible to qualify for the compensation readily. 

However, if the police find the driver, you can claim their liability insurance. Alongside compensating for the vehicle damage, they would pay for all medical bills and intangible damage caused by the accident. Remember, you can’t claim your liability insurance if you were not at fault during the accident. 

Final Words

Unsurprisingly, hit and run accidents are the worst. It leaves the other driver vulnerable at a substantial loss. Many people also drown themselves in depression because of financial constraints and the trauma that comes with the accident. Since these situations are out of anyone’s control, people can put effort into limiting the damage. You can bring a lawyer on board to fight a civil case and get compensation for all the losses.


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