A Discussion on Wrongful Death Due to Landlord’s Negligence

Landlord’s Negligence

Do you know that you deserve compensation (a hefty one) if any of your family members incur a serious injury on a Landlord’s Negligence property and then die from it? When such incidents take place, the landlord or the claim agent representing them might tell you that there’s no way they could have avoided the accident. Those people would also insist that taking the case to court will make the matter even worse. 

Most tenants listen to the claim agent/landlord and avoid pursuing litigation. This happens more often when the claimant needs to live in the rented property. They avoid confronting the landlord worrying that a legal fight would lead to their eviction from the property. 

However, the fact is that the first thing you should do after such incidents is contact a trustworthy law firm like Powers & Santola. The experienced lawyers representing such firms will do whatever is needed to protect your interests. They will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve without facing eviction. 

To deal with such situations more confidently, you must be aware of a few related regulations. Thus, reading through the section below will come in handy for you. 

About Landlords’ Liability

It’s the duty of the property owner (land or building) to look after their premises and ensure that its residents, as well as the public, can use the place safely. If the landlord fails to adhere to the above rule and the failure results in a death or injury, they can be held responsible for the events

As a tenant, you have the right to sue if Landlord’s Negligence appears to be the cause of the death or injuries of any of your family members. You hold the right even if it’s just a rental property and the landlord doesn’t live there. 

A similar rule will apply even to people the landlord has hired to carry out certain work on their property. These include security guards, janitors, etc. There are several instances when a janitorial or security firm has been held responsible for the death of a resident or an injury suffered by a resident due to the conduct of workers representing the company. 

Parts of the Property That Are a Landlord’s Responsibility 

Landlords are usually held responsible for accidents taking place in all the common areas of their property. These include, but are not limited to hallways, stairs, swimming pools, lifts, floor landings, unmarked rises, etc. 

Other than that, it’s also the duty of the landlords to warn their tenants about dangerous conditions and latent defects the property has. Disclosing such information is mandatory before the signing of the rental agreement. 

The landlord must also carry out necessary repair works on time. The only situation when the landlord can avoid this duty is when the tenant has taken the responsibility of maintaining the property. 

Final Words

The bottom line is that if there’s an accidental death of any of your family members in the rental property you are living in, you should contact a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. They are the best people to inform you about your rights. 


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