Jumping Rope Calorie Burn – Benefits of Skipping Regularly

Jumping Rope Calorie Burn

Do you remember how much fun it was to play with jumping ropes as kids?  Well, apart from being a fun activity, jumping rope calorie burn is quite a lot too. You can consider jumping rope as a vigorous and intensive form of exercise to shed off those extra pounds.

Jumping rope is a sport that athletes swear by. It is more relatively known as skipping. The workout tends to burn a lot of calories in a short time span. So, let us check out the points below to learn more about how jumping rope calorie burn can help you lose weight!

Benefits of jumping rope

Apart from helping you lose weight, jumping rope can leave other health benefits too. So, let us check out the benefits of jumping rope. Which are:

Improves the heart’s health

Skipping or jumping rope is one of the most efficient cardio workouts as it improves pulsations. As a result, it will considerably mitigate the threat of cardiac diseases and seizures.

Improves concentration levels

Cardio workouts can help you improve your concentration levels. Plus, it will help you to focus better. Since skipping is considered a workout as well, you can try it to avail its benefits. It will help in calming you down and increase your ability to focus on your day-to-day life.

Improves coordination

Jumping rope steadily improves your stamina and coordination. With time you will be able to see significant changes in your energy levels. Jump rope takes some balance and coordination to do it perfectly. By practicing consistently, you will have a better balance, and it is also proven in one of the studies that jumping rope improves the balance, stamina, and coordination of the athletes.

Helps to get rid of fatigue

Stamina is something that varies from one person to another, irrespective of age. Even children at a very young age find difficulty doing workouts or playing outdoor for a longer time. Skipping regularly can help you to increase your stamina and eliminate the feeling of tiredness.

Increases flexibility

Jumping rope makes your muscle and body flexible.  It can be a great strengthening workout to your muscles which also relaxes them. That is why skipping is a part of an athlete’s training regime. Jump rope also helps to build quickness and agility. It makes your feet lighter as you jump rope regularly. Jump rope connects with your mind to perform the movement and hence makes you flexible.

Improves mental health

Jumping rope is a moderate-intensity workout that can reduce depression and anxiety. It also helps in the blood circulation of your body. Jump rope turns out to be the best workout for one’s brain health that involves rhythm, coordination, and strategy. So, you can try out skipping to improve your mental and brain health overall.


One of the vital benefits of jumping rope is it easily portable. You can try it out anywhere, irrespective of the place. Several videos online show people skipping on boats, beaches, and even on mountains. So, isn’t it something you can try out on your vacation too?  Carry your skipping rope, and you are sure to have loads of fun on your trip.

Reduces belly fat

We all know how difficult it is to lose weight. In specific, your belly fat takes the most of your time and effort. Since skipping rope is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you can try it to lose your belly fat.

Jumping rope calorie burn is much higher than any other form of cardio exercise. It uses your body weight which makes it more effective. Jumping rope helps to pull your core tight, and it targets that area which will help you sculpt your beautiful abs.

Bone strengthening

Jumping rope helps in increasing bone density. It also gives strength to the bones, hence mitigating the risk of osteoporosis.

Glowing Skin

Have you seen the post-workout glow on your skin? Well, the glow you see is due to the enhancement of blood circulation. All of which helps the skin to relax and breathe. Exercises like jumping rope will invariably make your skin look healthier and younger.

Improve pulmonary circulation

Jumping rope helps improve the blood circulation in your body and enhances the lung capacity to breathe efficiently.

Skipping or jumping rope has many health benefits.  And one of the major benefits is weight loss. So, scroll down to know more about how jumping rope boosts weight loss and more!

How to reach your weight loss goal?

You need to understand that to lose weight, and we must also know how the weight loss mechanism works.

The easiest way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit. Wondering what a calorie deficit is? It means to burn more calories than we consume in a day. This can easily be done by being aware of the food you eat and burning the calories by working out.

Let us assume you want to shed one pound per week, so you will need to have a steady calorie deficit between 550 to 1,200 calories a day. That comes to around 3,850 calories a week.

The jumping rope calorie burn will depend on how much you weigh on a weighing scale when you begin this exercise. Calories are measured in terms of energy. And weight is measured in terms of gravity. Heavier people tend to lose some extra calories since the amount of energy used against gravity while working out is more. However, when you do the same exercise over a long period, the yield of the results starts diminishing.

How to begin with a jump rope

When you start using a skipping rope, you will have to buy a jump rope from a good sports equipment store. The salesperson will give you a walk-through on the best ways to use a jump rope and will show you the different quality of jump rope they have. You need to choose the best one that you like.

Jumping rope guide for beginners

If you are someone who has never done skipping, or if you have not done it for a while, below few points on the basics:

You will need to stand straight and put the jump rope behind your feet. Now using your hands, swing the jump rope forward in a movement.

As you keep swinging the jump rope forward, you will also move your wrists upward to bring the rope down in between your knee and your ankles. This movement needs practice, and, in the beginning, you will be slow as you will have to see the rope before you skip over it.

Time your jump rope swing as it will help you jump over it when the rope is above your head. Once you do this movement successfully, you are good to go! Now you need to count the number of times you jump over the rope without stopping. This movement will take an adequate amount of practice, but gradually it will become natural.

Jumping rope starters kit

Here is the starter kit that you may refer to:

Set 1: Start using the jump rope for straight 30 seconds. This may sound easy. Please take a short rest of 60 seconds, again do it for another 30 seconds. It would help if you repeated this nine times.

Set 2: In this set, jump rope while alternating your feet for 30 seconds. Always tighten your core while doing this. Take a rest of 90 seconds this time. Repeat this set four times.

Set 3: Finally, in the last set, you will have to do a jumping rope circuit. It means that you will have to try a combination of jump rope and few cardio exercises. Start by doing jump rope for 30 seconds and rest for only 12 seconds. Then, try out 30 seconds of burpees. Rest for another 12 seconds. Again add 30 seconds of jumping jacks. And in the last 30 seconds, finish it by doing push-ups.

It is natural for someone not to finish the entire circuit in one go. So, take rest as much as you need. With time as you practice, it will become easy and comfortable to try out.

Jumping rope calorie burn results

Results from skipping or jumping rope depends on various factors:

  • The food that you eat in your daily diet.
  • The goal that you desire to reach.
  • The intensity of your activity level
  • The amount of commitment you put into this exercise

However, you will also need to look into the other factors, for example, your metabolism and your age, which will impact your results and the time you will take to reach your goal.

A 160-pound woman who eats mindfully and is being able to maintain a steady calorie deficit of 3,000 calories will lose a pound each week. But if the same woman adds a 15-minute jump rope to her workout regime for five days a week, she will lose 200 calories more each day. All of which will result in her losing more than one pound a week.

Many doctors recommend not to lose more than 2 pounds a week. That is because it may start to affect the muscle mass of your body.

Jumping rope calorie burn calculator

The jumping rope calorie burn calculator depends on three basic factors:

Your weight

As we have already discussed how the jump rope mechanism works, you burn more calories if you weigh more. For example, a person of 120lb will burn 150 calories in 15 minutes of jump rope, whereas a 160-lb person will be able to burn more than 200 calories putting the same time.

Your speed

The faster you skip, the more calories you burn. Have you ever imagined doing 200 skipping burns how many calories? Well, it may be somewhere around 20 calories. However, it will depend on the weight and the speed you do the 200 skips.


As you make your movements complex and as the workout becomes harder, you will boost the burning calories process. You can add kicks, alternating your feet, and even make your style by adding intensity to the workout.

There are many online calculators available on the internet to calculate the calories you burn by jump roping; however, the above three factors are all that is important.

Things to remember while using a jumping rope to lose weight:

One of the vital benefits of using a jumping rope is to lose weight. So, let us take a quick look at the points you should remember while skipping. Here are the following:

  • Jumping rope calorie burn will be from your entire body fat.
  • Before you begin with any restricted diet, it is essential to speak to a doctor as ask him/her to inform you about your goals and medical history. Many diets are all over the internet, such as paleo or keto, but it might not be preferable for people with heart disease and high cholesterol.
  • As you start, try doing singles and then try to alter the intensity as you get used to it.
  • Next comes the food. The best place to begin the evaluation is your fridge and pantry. Try to cut on your carbs and sugar. Switch to foods high in fiber and nutrient-dense. That will help you cut down on calories and boost weight loss. Plus, you benefit your gut and overall body.
  • The jumping rope is cheaper than any other workout equipment available in the market. It is pocket-friendly, and you can easily carry it where ever you go.
  • Skipping with a properly balanced diet will accelerate your weight-loss journey. Cross-training workouts like aerobic, weight training, cardio kickboxing or running, will boost your weight loss journey.

Precautions for skipping rope

Let us check out some precautions to maintain while using a skipping rope:

  • Warm-up is of utmost importance for at least 10 minutes before you start your workout.
  • Get yourself a pair of shock-absorbent socks to prevent any injury.
  • Consume water or any energy drink you prefer, before and also after your workout.
  • For women, it is vital to get a sports bra that will keep the breasts firm.

Final Thoughts

So, let’s get started towards a healthy lifestyle by adding something fresh to your workout regime and something you can do anywhere. It is the most organic way to keep you fit and healthy without being expensive.

But, jumping rope calorie burn will not be enough for you to lose weight. It can form a part of an exercise routine with a diet that will revive your metabolism resulting in you dropping those extra pounds faster.


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