Upcoming Gym fashion trend for 2021

Gym fashion trend

If you wear performance pieces such as leggings, shorts, or tank tops, to errands, not just in the gym but chill time, or running routine errands you are probably aware of how comfortable and trendy they make you look. Having an up-to-date wardrobe, not for just casual wear but routine is something we all love to have. 

After the unpredictable year of 2020, workout clothes are being consumed more than ever. People have lately started enjoying the comfort and variety they offer. No matter if it’s working from home, going to pick groceries, or performing daily exercise at home people are loving to be in them more than ever. So, 2021 is the perfect time for restocking your sporty wears such as tights, jogger pants, workout vest, gym hoodie, etc.

  1. Men wearing leggings

A decade back, you would hardly find a man wearing leggings not just on the streets even in the gym. But now it is rising in popularity both in the gym & outdoors. It is expected to raise more this year. People are now into bending gender norms more than ever. And fitness fashion is not behind in this cause. Men are welcoming this trend which once used to be pure female fashion gear. 

They are not just extremely comfortable but make them look thicker, hardier, & more stylish. They can be paired up with running shorts too. 

2) Ultra-High Waisted Leggings

Those were the old days when low-waisted bottoms, jeans, & leggings were peeking. The trend. They are not over yet but in 2021, high-waisted bottoms are expected to rise in popularity. Ultra-High waisted leggings have been in the fitness fashion industry for a while now. Not just because of their sleek and classy look but the core support and tummy control they provide.  

They are loved by the women who want more coverage. They make them look hotter with the slightest hint of skin showing but not more than that.

These leggings are usually paired with a longline bra or some cropped. Ultra-high waisted leggings can be commonly paired with street clothes too. 

3) Unfitted yoga top with a colorful sports bra

Going to the gym in an unfitted flowing yoga top isn’t new, but pairing it with an active color sports bra or a crop top, will give a trendy and modern look. It is an effortless and lively look that can be carried from a gym to anywhere casual with friends.

There are a lot of options available for women’s yoga tops. Yoga isn’t a choice but a lifestyle with an overburdened life, unfriendly eco-systems, and a need for meditation. People have begun to practice it in masses. 

Going with some loose yoga top over your sports bra is the stylish look you can pull easily. You do not require to have a beach body for feeling comfortable in it. 

4) Athletic Jogger Pants Fashion

Jogger pants are traditional sportswear that we see not going out of trend anywhere sooner. 

They are lightweight & comfortable. Joggers’ pants give you that athletic appearance & taper at the leg. Jogger pants can be easily styled with any of your gym tops. It’s essential for your fitness closet. They can be rocked in uncountable ways, there no restriction to what top they should be necessarily paired. No matter if it’s your T-shirt, sweatshirt, track jacket, gym hoodie, crop top jogger pants are here for serving your bottom look. 

5) Bodysuits

Women out there are asking: who is wearing bodysuits to their gym & when they came in trend? They are not new to performance wear however; their version 2.0 is in a fashion more than ever. Bodysuits come with a variety of performance wear styles: they can be worn alone, under clothing such as jeans & leggings, or as full-body units. 

They make comfortable going to streetwear in the fitness class, you simply have to remove your joggers and you are in your workout form. Plus, they take away the worry of pairing tops with bottoms as they are a single unit themself. 

6) Performance wear with the boyfriend hoodie

Layering-up is in fashion for so long that we have lost the timeline. And they are in no hurry to get out of trend. They are extending to the gym fashion trends.

Layering an unfitted boyfriend hoodie with any of the fitted women’s activewear can help you to achieve a low-key trendy look that you can carry anywhere from lunch to social sitting. You can easily throw it over the tight activewear it will conceal your physique in the situation where you are not so comfortable in revealing it.


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