Top Tips To Prevent Termites Naturally

Prevent Termites Naturally

Termites are small and can easily go unnoticed, especially as they generally live under your house and in the wood. However, termites can also do a lot of damage, you need to be vigilant and take swift action if you see termites.

Know Your Foe

The first step is to know your enemy. Termites look a little like ants although it depends f you’re looking at a worker or a fertile termite. But, the real clue as to whether you have a termite issue isn’t in spotting one. It’s in looking at your home and spotting holes in your wood, these are likely to be caused by termites.

In addition, if you have earth around your home you’ll find the openings for mud tunnels around the exterior of your home. Cover one o two over, they’ll either reopen the next day or they’ll be a new tunnel next to it 

Close The Tunnels

The first step in termite prevention is to eliminate their way in and out of your home. This means adding a layer of concrete to the edge of your home. Ideally, this should be six inches or more wide and several inches deep. This will prevent the termites from getting into your foundations. 

At the same time, you should inspect your walls and seal any gaps that you can find. This doesn’t just prevent termites, it keeps a whole array of pests out.

Termite Bait Boxes

The best termite bait systems are used when you know you have termites. You place a cellulose food in the box which attracts the termites already resident in your home. They determine the box is safe and mark it with their scent. You can then switch the bait for poison. The termites will take the poison and quickly kill the colony. 

Termite bait boxes are effective at eliminating termites. But, if you put them down when you don’t have termites they are also an effective warning system.


If you think you have termites then nematodes can be your new best friend. They look like worms but they feed on termites. Al you have to do is introduce some of them into the area where you’ve seen termites and they’ll take care of the rest for you. 

The good news is that they aren’t a threat to you and they’ll keep going until all the termites have been eaten.


Vinegar can be used for a huge array of things around your home, such as unblocking drains. It’s also a great deterrent to termites. It’s best to mix half a cup with the juice from two lemons.  Then, simply spray the area where you’ve seen termites or where their nest is. 

It’s a surprisingly effective killer. You can also spray it around the outside of your home to deter termites from coming in. You’ll obviously need to do this regularly to ensure it’s effective.


Termites are not keen on sunlight. It dehydrates them. If they are in your furniture take it outside and let them cook in the sunshine. Alternatively, if they’re in your beams use UV lights to gently warm them, and kill them.


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