Buying the Perfect Washing Machine

Perfect Washing Machine

Perfect Washing Machine is both a significant investment and a useful option for your laundry. However, most people do not go beyond price and capacity when buying a washing machine. There are numerous aspects of play. First, you have to consider whether you want a traditional top-loader or a front loader. Besides, you must think about the special cleaning feature that the machines have, which might be of great help to you. You also have to consider your budget to ensure you do not spend too much on the machine.

Here are some tips to help you get an exact point of view and insight when buying a Perfect Washing Machine.

The capacity of the machine

The dimensions of the machine are a key, depending on the amount of washing you do. The tub dimensions range from about two cubic feet to 5 cubic feet. If you have a ton of wash to do, consider a large capacity front loader or top loader without the central agitator. It is essential to go for machines with bells or whistles like programmable settings to make it easy for older kids to do their laundry or a pedestal to prevent you from constant stooping.

Electricity and water conservation

Traditional top loaders use a lot of water compared to front loaders. The top loaders have to fill up entirely with water to ensure a clean wash and rinse cycles. When using an online shopping site, like, go for energy rated models, which reduce electricity and water usage by about 20% and 35% respectively. Compare the energy guide labels from model to model to ensure you get the most energy-efficient model. Don’t forget that the machines’ cost will vary based on how energy efficient they are and utility costs in your area.

Type of stains you deal with during a wash

If you are continually fighting tough stains, front loaders are a better option compared to top loaders. Go for a top loader with special stain removers, or special stem features. 

A warm temperature setting that mixes hot water with cold water helps the powdered detergent dissolve entirely in the best stain removal water.

Size of your laundry room

You don’t want to purchase a washing machine that is too large for your space. So, take a tape measure and take accurate measurements of your laundry room. Record the room’s dimensions and go for a washer that will fit the space and leave some space for movement. Also, consider other factors like the door of the washer that will bang on your room wall every time you open it if you go for a larger washer. If you have a small and narrow space, a front loader that stacks with the dryer is the best option for you.


No one can escape dirty laundry, and a Perfect Washing Machine gently cleans your clothes for an extended period maintaining the fabric. If you are looking to buy a good washing machine at, the tips mentioned above will help you navigate all the market features and pick the best machine.


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