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It may come as a surprise to some people but I enjoy the thought of moving home, not the stress of packing part that comes with it, because let’s be honest no-one enjoys packing up an entire house, but more about the fact that you get the chance to sort things out, have a clear-out and begin fresh.

It can be a wonderful time, finding things you had forgotten about or have been hunting for, for months, and reliving good times as you pack up memorabilia from vacations and special events. 

For some people, however, it can be traumatic and this is because I believe, they may not have used the right removal company, to begin with, which can set the initial tone and mood for the move.

Set the tone.

If you are struggling to find the right fit when it comes to choosing a removal company, fear not, we will take a look at some tips and pointers and hopefully, it will guide you when making the final decision. 

Whether you are a veteran mover or this is your debut moment, the right firm will make the experience a pleasant one. It is essentially turning a new leaf in your life’s’ book of chapters and if it is overwhelming or daunting, you may not get off on the right foot.

Why not check out this website for professional advice and guidance from a company that not only specializes in moving homes but does so on a large scale, state to state. Customer service should always be a priority, and a reliable and reputable company will be well aware of this fact.

Experience comes from being in the industry for many years, this will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings will go missing before they reach the other side. You may laugh, but this, unfortunately, is more common an occurrence than we realize.

‘Shady’ businesses promising you the world and then holding your things ‘hostage’ until you pay them the sum they’re demanding if a price looks too good to be true or the cost seems alarmingly low it should raise a red flag and the best advice would be to look elsewhere where you have insurance and liability cover included in the payment.

What makes for a trustworthy removal company and how to choose the right one?

Recommendations from friends and family can be a lifesaver, knowing they have used the company successfully takes a weight off the situation and they can tell you all about the customer care and service quality you are likely to receive. 

Some quick tips and advice here can save you not only time but energy leading up to moving day and with that extra time left why not treat yourself to a well-deserved glass of wine, am I right? The preparations before the actual move can be exhausting so putting your feet up can come as a blessing you won’t realize you needed till you’re in the moment.

Hiring a professional company versus going it alone.

Trying to save costs is on everyone’s mind, but some things are just best left to industry experts, you may think you are cutting the price in half by asking old Joe from down the road to lend a hand with his mate, but effort and petrol don’t always come cheap. 

Not to mention that you may need to provide a meal of sorts for the pair, and if anything broke during transit you will feel obligated to let it slide as opposed to making them pay for a new item. If the van or lorry were to cause any issues you will be asked to pay towards the repairs if not all of them considering they are doing you a favor. 

All in all, it ends up being a bigger headache than you need and with professionals handling the task you know they have the experience of how to pack soundly, safely, and securely and have an insurance cover so you know there won’t be any surprises popping up on the invoice.

3 Top benefits of using the experts.

  • Efficiency. I wasn’t aware that a packing service was something removal companies offered until the one I chose mentioned it upon enquiring for a removal date and booking in a slot. We have so little time as it is with life in general so having them help was a huge sigh of relief, and they know how to do it with high efficacy too.
  • Family. The household and extra-curricular activities can consume the hours in the day without you even noticing, trying to juggle and balance all that while organizing and arranging a house move sounds like a nightmare. Let them do the work while you keep an eye on the kids and put dinner on the table (after making lunch boxes of course).
  • Wrapping. We may have wrapped hundreds of gifts in our lives but when it comes to fragile items and precious articles the pros know how best to keep them safe. They have the quality of materials and packages which seemingly fit your items like a glove better than you could ever have managed. 

Moving house does not need to be a chore, with the right team behind you the day will be filled with sunshine and end with high fives.

At the end of the day. 

The hour has arrived and the van to pack up your life has pulled up to the drive. Although you may want to get stuck in, and if you’re a neat freak like me, will want everything packed pristinely, there are certain etiquettes to follow, yes even for moving a home believe it or not. 

In this article it gives an interesting and detailed explanation about the dos and don’ts removal company employees would likely expect from your end, a quick read before moving day will be to your advantage.

You hired them for a reason, let them do the job you are paying for.



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