Upgrade Your Home Without Losing Your Mind (or a Limb)


Ever wished you could refresh your home’s look minus the extensive time and cost of a complete renovation? If you’re willing to put in a bit of work, you can undertake many DIY home improvement projects. You read that right: you can DIY some home improvement projects – no contractor required.

Fortunately, there is a long list of easy-to-accomplish home improvement projects. You can repaint the walls or do your own Dyson vacuum repair. Although these projects are easy, some of them are more time-intensive than others so it pays to know the tasks you’re getting into. On the bright side: none of these DIY home improvement projects should take you a weekend or two. You can finish many of these projects in just a couple of hours or less.

So if your tools are ready, here are some home improvement projects that instantly transform your home (minus the fear of losing a limb).

Swap Out-Dated Fixtures

A new fixture can instantly transform any room. For example, instead of filling the kitchen with frosted glass pendants, swap them for contemporary glass globe fixtures with Edison bulbs. If you have old ceiling fans, replace them with modern fans for better efficiency. Add a touch of luxury to your master bedroom by hanging a chandelier above the bed. As long as all the wires are properly placed, changing new light fixtures is a faster and easier project.

You can also switch outlet covers, plates, doorknobs and curtain rods, as well as add more pizzazz for a few dollars. Decorative curtain rods and light fixtures can be a little pricier, but sometimes an inexpensive one adds a dash of elegance to any room.

Strive for a Yellow Glow

Speaking of lighting fixtures, completely transform your home’s ambiance by replacing harsh white bulbs with calmer yellow light. Choose LED light to ensure longer-lasting bulbs. Another way to maximize your house’s inner glow is to install dimmers instead of light switches. Dimmers can help you set the brightness of each room, depending on the time of the day and your mood.

Go for Peel-and-Stick Floor

If you’re looking for affordable home improvement projects that make a big impact, peel-and-stick flooring is the key. This tile type is easier to work with since it prevents adhesive from filling the cracks between your tiles. If your concrete is clean, dry and smooth, you can also install this peel-and-stick flooring.

If you’re feeling more creative, go for borders or bold patterns by using a variety of colors and patterns. If you’re after a floral pattern, go for a mandala flower design. These are the best home improvement projects that double the value of your home.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

When it comes to DIY home improvements, only a few projects can drastically transform your space compared to a couple coats of paint. Instantly brighten your space with colorful accented walls in your bedroom or living room. You can also paint your kitchen or make a statement with a painted ceiling.

While you’re at it, check your home for areas that are chipped or peeling and touch them up.

Rejuvenate Your Bathroom

If your budget will not allow for a bathroom renovation, upgrade your fixtures and hardware but keep it easy. If you want to replace your cabinet pulls, choose new ones that easily fit the same holes.

You can also replace your shower fixtures and doors to update the room. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you’ll spend a couple of hundred for a shower door replacement with a modern frosted style. Replace a basic showerhead with a handheld model or install a grab bar that doesn’t need to be blocked.

Hang Wall Art

Simple artwork can change the look of a room. If you want to hang wall art, measure your wall and mark the same space on the floor before you place holes in the wall. Lay the artwork on the floor. Alternatively, you can cut out the cardboard to size your wall art and affix them to the wall with a removable adhesive. If you don’t have art pieces on hand, secondhand shops and antique stores are open, as well as offer vintage artwork.

When to Call for a Pro

Call a professional when you’re dealing with a home improvement project that may damage your home or harm you. But if the project is a cosmetic one, give it a shot. If necessary, you can still call for outside help to fix it for you.

Happy DIY!


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