Clinical Considerations – 6 Qualities of a Fantastic Clinical Practice Manager

Clinical Considerations

When the time comes to bring a new clinical practice manager into your workplace, it can be hard to know what you’re looking for. You want them to fit into your tight-knit team, but you also want to ensure they bring with them a wealth of desirable qualities. Before you have that new manager signing on the dotted line, ensure they have some of the following traits.

Expense Management

From handling billing, expenses, and accounting to coming up with cost-cutting measures that don’t impact patient care, the best clinical practice manager has their hands wrapped around the purse strings. Having the ability to hunt out a better online medical equipment company for quality, affordable equipment can greatly benefit a clinical practice.

A proven track record of budgeting, negotiating with vendors, and having the practice’s financial needs in mind can see a potential manager shoot to the top of the candidate list.


Empathy is a significant part of being able to fit into a healthcare role. Not only do you have to have compassion for patients who walk through your door, but you need to hold the same sentiment towards your team as well.

A manager who can empathize with other team members will promote an environment of open communication while also being able to put themselves in others’ shoes. Studies show that managers who display empathy towards other workers are seen as better performers.


You might think everyone has self-motivation because they want to open a paycheck at the end of the working week. However, true personal motivation is a learned trait. Finding a practice manager who has this trait can benefit your practice in many ways.

They can motivate other staff, take the initiative and act on opportunities, and work within your clinic’s vision. Someone with the “up and at ‘em” view on life has what it takes to lead a clinic through its best and worst times.


Perhaps one of the most desirable qualities of a clinical practice manager is patience. Having patience with those who require medical care can see them feeling valued and respected.

Managers who practice patience with their team may also notice an increase in creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Not to mention, it creates a far more comfortable working environment when a manager makes their workers feel valued and worth their time.


Medical clinics can be busy places that need to work like well-oiled machines. There’s very little room for error when it comes to patient care. With that in mind, communication becomes one of the best qualities a clinical practice manager can have.

They either set up a communication system that everyone understands, or they simply appreciate the value of interpersonal and conversational skills. Being open and honest with communication usually makes staff feel comfortable coming to their manager with queries and concerns.


As much as a nine-to-five job can offer consistency and convenience, some lines of work operate a little differently. A practice manager who’s willing to go the extra mile and be flexible with their working hours is one you’ll likely see the value of having on board. Medical emergencies don’t wait for standard working hours, and the best manager will understand that and act accordingly.

It can be a nerve-wracking experience hiring a new staff member to manage your clinical practice. You only get a glimpse of their personality in an interview before having to decide whether or not they can run your entire business. Fortunately, if they possess the qualities above, they stand an excellent chance of fitting right in. 


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